“Durham Five” charged for actions at October 2 raid at Glencolton Farms

From Kirk Scott on Blackburn News:

Photo of Michael Schmidt, John Schurr and Robert Pinnell is from Blackburn News.

“Four people along with Michael Schmidt have been charged related to the raid on a Durham area raw milk operation last month.

Provincial officials along with police raided a raw milk operation near Durham on October 2nd.

A large crowd of Schmidt supporters showed up and the raid was called off.

Now four men along with Schmidt are charged by West Grey police with obstructing justice.

Schmidt and two of the four others showed up at West Grey Police headquarters this morning for fingerprinting and mug shots.

Schmidt says if police are trying to intimidate his supporters, it’s liable to backfire….”

Read more on Blackburn News.

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Food Rights Declaration Signing is Now Planned for Queens Park Thurs. Nov. 26

If you support the right of people to make their own food choices, you are invited to sign a declaration of food rights at Queen’s Park on Thursday November 26th at 1 pm. Queen’s Park is the home of the Ontario Legislature in downtown Toronto.

The day before, on Wed. Nov. 25th, at 9 am, there will be a news conference at Queen’s Park to talk about the declaration of food rights and other topics related to recent raw milk standoffs.

Michael Schmidt will be at both the Nov. 25 news conference and the Nov. 26 food rights declaration signing.

As you will see from the video above and from the photo below, there’s been a shift away from focusing on Michael Schmidt’s role in all this, and putting the focus instead on the farm share members, like Masha Perrone, whose access to milk from their own cows has been put at risk by the recent actions of governmental agencies.

Farmshare owner Masha Perrone seems to have become the poster person for food choice, seen here with Elisa from the farm. Masha’s picture is now on the back of the milk truck. Photo: David Pickett.

Thanks to Collective Evolution for the video. See more of their work here.

Note that the video was shot a while ago and thus does not reflect the fact that a meeting has in fact taken place with York Region Public Health. See transcript of that meeting here. There was also some subsequent correspondence with Joe Lamarca of York Region Public Health, which was essentially a restatement of the Health Unit’s previous position.



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York Region Public Health meeting with Elisa and farm-share members Oct. 22

Thursday October 22, 2015 10:30 am
York Region Public Health
Meeting with Vito Chiefari

Summary: The hour long meeting with Vito was informative and diplomatic but reached an expected impasse, quickly. Elisa and Farm Share owners requested the meeting to seek out the exact individuals who gave direct orders for inspectors and police to raid the regular raw milk drop on September 29, 2015. Glencolton Farms had been operating peacefully since the last raid on November 21, 2006.

There were no clear messages from this meeting other than Farm Share owners face potential threats every day. Continue reading


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“Theft of Cameras” charge questioned

From Collective Evolution:

“Deciding what we want is sometimes difficult. There are usually  so many options — do I go with Ford, Toyota, or Hyundai? Wheat-free, gluten free, or grain free? Yoga, running, or pilates? We have the ability to choose what brand, style, or taste we want in nearly every area of our lives, but when it comes to dairy in Canada, pasteurized milk is the only legal option. Why is this the case? Continue reading


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Connecting the dots: food and health

Rough cut excerpt from a documentary on Food, Energy and Health, tentatively titled “The Wave of Change”:

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Michael Schmidt and hidden cameras case in court Mon. Oct. 26, Walkerton

Folks are invited to come to the Walkerton Court House On Monday October 26 at 9:30 am to show their support. The address is 207 Cayley Street, Walkerton.

In other news, this Saturday Oct. 24th, farm-share members will be coming together at the farm to help harvest the apples.

More on the charges to be addressed in court Oct. 26th

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York Region Public Health will meet to discuss raw milk situation with Elisa and farmshare group at 10:30 am today

Michael Schmidt posted this brief note last night, along with a blurred out screenshot of the email it refers to:

Glencolton farm share members with their milk, a few weeks ago in Thornhill.

“Vito Chiefari has agreed to the meeting with Elisa and the group as requested Thursday, October 22, 2015 at 10:30am. We’ll report back as soon as we can! As per Vito’s confidentiality requirement we cannot show the text of his email.”

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