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Issues at Stake in Wednesday’s Trial

The York Regional Health Unit has forced Michael Schmidt to appear in court six months prior to his raw milk trial scheduled for next January with a contempt of court charge. The superior court order to stop Michael Schmidt from entering York Region to deliver raw milk to his cow share owners was ordered in May of last year. Despite the court order, the blue bus continued to make the weekly trip to Richmond Hill to provide raw milk to his cow share owners. Extensive efforts on the part of York Regional Health unit went into undercover surveillance at the parking lot in Richmond Hill. If he is found guilty of contempt, anything is possible, including jail time. Continue reading

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Health Officials and Cow Share Members to Testify

At the motion hearing on July 31. 2008, Counsel for the health unit Dan Kuzmyk told the judge he would call 2 or 3 witnesses to testify in support of  York Regions motion. As a surprise move he decided to summons 6 cow share owners, maybe because he realized that he had great difficulties proofing his case” beyond a reasonable doubt”.

This promises to be a very interesting and revealing event. Winning is not at the center of this case. The facts which relate to the issue need to be looked at in the context of the law and dealt with properly in a court of law. Astounding is simply the fact that York Region despite its knowledge of the other court proceedings wants to use another tactic to throw rocks in our way. Continue reading

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