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Sept 11 Press Roundup

It would be nice to think that we were having our very own “truth commission” up in the courthouse on Eagle Street on this anniversary of what is more and more coming to be regarded as the most egregious “false-flag operation” in recent history.

All three Toronto papers published stories today reporting on the opening day of Michael Schmidt’s contempt of court trial. The Globe and Mail ran a story on page A7 from Canadian Press reporter Tamsyn Burgmann outlining the whole context of the case and giving detail on cowshare member Shirley Anne Wood’s testimony about her brown cow Anna. She quotes Shirley Anne saying “I can visit Anna. I can give her a hug if I wish.” She continues: “I’ve gone and helped clear her bedding and I also receive milk.”

The story doesn’t mention how, at the trial, Shirley Anne’s testimony was excruciatingly laboured — she was being extremely careful with her answers and demanded explanations and clarifications from counsel on numerous points. It seemed she was on the verge of being declared a hostile or uncooperative witness. Continue reading

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How Cow Lovers See It

This went out to Michael Schmidt’s Cow Share holders and supporters about yesterday’s trial:

And what a day it was. There were at least 60 people in court this morning supporting Michael as he read his opening statement- see below.  There were lots of media as well, including CBC and Global, Toronto Sun, Toronto Star, and the Canadian Press. There were at least three media folks to my knowledge that stayed all day as they didn’t have to leave in order to post their stories. Michael was on CBS Radio this morning and will be on CBC television sometime this week.  Michael was in fine spirits all day.

I was struck this afternoon at how dispassionate, York regions health unit’s lawyer and health officials seemed. I am not sure their heart is in all of this. The judge seems to be fair minded and is willing to take time to explain procedural things to Michael.  As the York Regional Health Units lawyer entered his evidence (taken directly from the affidavit- that is on the Glencolton website) into the record he had the Director of Health Protections read it to the court room. This felt very strange and there was this bittersweet irony of having the individual who authored the contempt order have to read aloud from Michaels update letters to the cowshare members.  After each letter he would read Michael’s sign off- cheers, Michael or respectfully, Michael. Continue reading


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A Flourish of Support: Trial Day One

Room 402 of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice at 50 Eagle Street, Newmarket was packed with supporters for the first day of Michael Schmidt’s three-day contempt-of-court trial which began this morning at 10.  The 55 member audience overflowed into the jury section. Even that wasn’t enough and court staff set out a row of folding chairs along the back in an effort to seat everybody. At recess, the judge ordered the case to be moved to the larger room 401 next door, which was where the July 31st hearing took place.

Reporters from the Star, the Sun and Canadian Press were in attendance throughout the day, and Global TV News questioned Michael in a noontime scrum outside the courthouse. CBC radio interviews had been recorded yesterday, a day in advance of the court proceedings. Continue reading


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