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Michael Schmidt’s video commentary

Thanks to Marilyn Gang, of the Toronto Dowsers for this video interview which she recorded with Michael Schmidt immediately following the conclusion of his contempt of court trial on Sept. 12, 2008:

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Final Submission by Michael, Sept. 12

Final Submission by Michael Schmidt in his contempt of court Trial

Dear Honor

In order to continue on the note my friend Mr. Kuzmyk (counsel for York Region) left us with, I will expand that quote as follows:

When it looks like a cow…
When it walks like a cow…
Moos like a cow….

——- It’s a cow

“I agree with him on that. But, is that cow giving pasteurized or unpasteurized milk? That is the question.

I like to thank you for your guidance in this matter. You displayed a sense of human kindness which only can be found in milk.

The complexity of this case makes it necessary for me to pre-empt my submission with a clear understanding that I do not and can not separate cause and effect from a moral point of view. It is clear that in the court of law morals, ethics, and consciences play only a minor role. Rulings have to be based on evidence which is either black or white or right or wrong.

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