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Michael Schmidt back in court Sept 22

Michael Schmidt will be back in court on Monday September 22. 2008 in Newmarket on Davies Drive at the Old Tannery at 9 AM

Michael Schmidt is filing a motion in respect to the issue of whether the 18 charges under the Health Protection and Promotion Act should be dismissed based on an interpretation commonly used by law-enforcement agencies but rarely argued if it is in fact valid.

If successful this motion will help to determine the scope of the main trial and hopefully shorten the proceedings.

The motion will be heard at 9 AM in the Newmarket Provincial Court at the Old Tannery 465 Davies Drive Suite 200

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Cross Country Dialog on Raw Milk

Image from the Sackville NB website. Drop in and visit when you're out east.

Image from the Sackville NB website. Drop by and visit when you are out east!

Would you believe you have to go all the way to Sackville N.B. to find someone who thinks raw milk is a bad idea and is talking about it on the interwebs. Looks that way at least. Here’s a link to an editorial from the Sackville Post Here are some excerpts from that editorial:

Black humour or irony, it’s more than passing strange in view of the recent listeria scare that a farmer on trial for selling raw milk has a following of fans…. There have long been consumers who eschew the brands in store fridges in favour of milk closer to nature, straight off the farm. They say it tastes far better and has many health benefits the processed variety doesn’t. Apparently the ongoing saga involving listeria contamination in processed meats didn’t put them off their milk…. Farmers can drink their own raw milk product but aren’t allowed to sell it. Schmidt tried to get around that by selling customers shares in the cows. Indeed, it may be ironic that the customers continue to buy the milk, undeterred by the listeria outbreak. Beyond that, however, and not to champion the cause of raw milk, at the very least those buying it were doing so of their own free will. Those who bought listeria-tainted meat got caught. If this country is going to protect consumers, let’s not divert attention from where it needs to be focused. Continue reading

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Media Circus

Organic Hero or Bioterrorist" will have its Toronto premiere October 23, 2008 at the "Planet in Focus" environmental film festival. This picture was taken during the final day of the recent contempt-of-court trial in Newmarket Ontario, September 12th.
Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt being interviewed by Kate Hammer of the Globe and Mail and Tamsyn Burgmann of the Canadian Press. And that’s filmmaker Norman Lofts behind the DVX video camera.

One of the silver linings in clouds like the recent contempt-of-court trial is the increased public attention focused on the questions of food rights and raw milk. Throughout the trial, newspaper reporters from the Toronto dailies sat in the courtroom and took notes. Then, at breaks and after the proceedings, they interviewed Michael, York Region counsel, and cowshare members.

Radio stations called throughout the three days and afterwards to do telephone interviews with Michael. Stations from as far away as Calgary and Kitchener were following the case as it unfolded during the trial. Michael also talked to CFRB 1010 Toronto and CKNX 101.7 Wingham. He was interviewed by Channel A television as well as Global TV, StarMedia and CBC Television News. Michael’s story was also featured on CBC radio’s Sounds Like Canada and CBC Radio News.

Michael Schmidt preparing to record an interview with Randy Risling of StarMedia in front of the courthouse in Newmarket.
Michael Schmidt preparing to record an interview with Randy Risling of StarMedia in front of the courthouse in Newmarket on September 11th, the second day of the trial. Great natural lighting there, Randy!

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Raw Milk: part of a complete childhood

Ava and Bernadette with a poster they made in support of Michael Schmidt

Ava and Bernadette with a poster they made in support of Michael Schmidt

Grade Four students and raw milk drinkers, Ava and Bernadette were inspired to make this poster last Friday in support of Michael Schmidt who, at the time was in the last day of his contempt-of-court trial in Newmarket. Ava’s family recently moved to Richmond Hill from Saskatchewan where she also drank raw milk. The poster shows Michael Schmidt’s blue bus and the small print says “right to choose”.

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