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Letter of Thanks from Michael Schmidt

September 19, 2008

Dear Friends:

A week has gone by since the end of the trial.

I have had a chance to slowly get back into farming moo-d and am realizing how much energy and money is wasted on issues that could be resolved much more constructively through dialogue and co-operation. It is clear to me that we will have to go through this exercise sooner or later anyhow, depending on how long it takes the government to realize that we will not back down.

I doubt there will be a change in attitude anytime soon since the government has unlimited resources to keep going. The trouble is that, on the one hand, our money is misused to prosecute us and, on the other hand, the need to listen to us is ignored and ridiculed, at least by those who act in their capacity as public servants. I always wonder how a Mr. LaMarca, Dominic Fortuna, Dan Kuzmyk, Dr. Hazel Lynn, or Dr Karin Kurji feel as they drive home and reflect on the arguments they do not want to deal with.

One thing they all have in common: they all do their job, which is all that is needed to qualify as the perfect government employee. Beware, dear friends, when you call on government to solve your problem. Beware, my friends, when you want to blame government for failing to protect you. You need to make a choice. Either you do not rely on government to solve your needs or you get used to them telling you what one can or cannot do. We cannot have it both ways. Continue reading

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