Legal to Import Raw Milk from U.S.?

Here’s another fascinating bit of information, again from our friends at

According to these folks, it’s legal to import raw milk into Canada from the United States, provided you don’t import more than $20 worth at any given time. They know because they’ve done it. So that means it’s legal to buy it from Organic Pastures and have it shipped all the way from California, but supposedly it’s NOT LEGAL for a local producer to sell it to you. You’ve got to wonder, where’s the sense, logic or fairness in that. in fact, where’s the “free trade”? Are we supposed to import our raw milk from California rather than support local dairy farmers? Why would that make sense? Anyway, here’s what they write about it:

Raven, photo from Wild Things Organic

Raven, photo from Wild Things Organics

Raven is our 3-year-old black Dexter cow. (Editor’s note: shown in picture at left) We’ll get back to her shortly.

Kurtis and I had been ordering raw milk from Organic Pastures dairy in California, having it shipped frozen to our Washington address right at the border and hauling it across said border once a week, much to the amusement of the crew at Canada Customs.

For those of you conscientious, citizen’s-arrest types about to alert the feds, put the phone down. It’s perfectly legal to bring the highly controversial white substance over the border for our own personal consumption, as long as we stay within the daily $20-per-person dairy limit. And we did.

The stuff is liquid gold – healthy, delicious and yes, subversive. What’s not to like?

Just the 2-day UPS shipping charges, which usually amounted to more than the cost of the product itself.

Here’s a link to the page where they talk about doing this: The page is called “The Milk of Human Stupidity”.

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  1. Hi,
    Is it still legal? In Vermont, it”s legal to sell it at the farm Can I purchase it there and brink it into Canada. I live about 30 minutes from the farm across the border…

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