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What are people saying about raw milk?

Responses in the comment section of yesterday’s GlobeandMail.com story on raw milk “A Time Before Pasterurization” give an interesting cross section of public opinion on raw milk issues. In spite of the fact that the author’s position was virulently opposed to raw milk, public comments favourable to raw milk choice outweighed those from nay-sayers 19 to 10. I’d call that overwhelming support for the idea of legal access to raw milk for those who choose to consume it. And that’s from a pretty random cross section of readers too. After all the Globe and Mail is not a periodical that would specifically attract an audience into alternative health culture.

Just for fun, let’s have a look at what people are saying about raw milk. We’ll start with those opposed to the concept:

“Growing up in the 50’s we would visit our cousin’s farms in different parts of the province. At both farms it was clear that raw milk was not to be eaten. No discussion. Seems my relatives had come to know the benefits of pasteurization early on.”

“Thank you, Jane Jenkins, for the reminder of why we pasteurize milk. I’m always amazed that people take our public health policies for granted. We have them for a reason and they should be defended vigorously.” Continue reading

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