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And furthermore – four more in favour!

Further to yesterday review of comments to Jane Jenkin’s virulently anti-raw-milk piece on GlobeandMail.com, four more thoughtful comments were posted, all of them in favour. That makes it 23 to 10 in favour of raw milk, just counting the number of comments pro and con. Not to mention that the pro comments seem more based in personal experience than hearsay. Anyway, here are more excerpts from that lively discussion:

Pierre living in China from Brampton, Canada:When I was a kid, in the 1950’s and 60’s, my parents bought raw milk from a farmer who was distributing it from door to door. We used to spend the summer at my uncle’s farm where we had raw milk every single day. My 2 sisters, 2 brothers and myself NEVER had any health problems because of raw milk. It is true that it tastes much better.”

Alice Jongerden from Chilliwack, BC, Canada: After a year and a half of operating a herd share, and thousands of gallons of milk going to the cow owners,,, not one report of this sickness’ everyone talks about… However, I have received many reports from sharemembers of the benefits of consuming their raw milk. The cows we care for are tested for TB, Brucellosis, Q Fever, and cell counts. It is true that not all raw milk is safe to drink. However, healthy cows, produce healthy milk, and proper handling is a key factor. It is also true that more people have become ill from pasturized milk than unpasturized in the last decade. When pasturization took effect, it was to correct an even bigger problem. Unhealthy cows, eating brewery swill , slopping around in their manure, and not being cared for properly. The raw milk was not the issue, but the state of the cow and the handling .. It is far easier to trust a food source knowing first hand where it comes from, and how it is handled. Why not become educated on the facts of raw milk? There are many great sites to assist you….” Continue reading

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