Big brother cows farmers over raw milk

The material below is excerpted from a blog titled “The Spoils of War” as well as from a story from May 2008 titled: “Feds Launch ‘Gestapo’ raid over raw milk”. Sound familiar?

Mark Nolt, a Pennsylvania Mennonite farmer charged with raw milk "crimes".

A Pennsylvania Mennonite farmer charged with raw milk crimes.

First from, by Bob Unruh:

“A rally has been set for tomorrow in front of the magistrate’s office in Mt. Holly, Pa., in support of a Mennonite farmer who has brought the wrath of the government on himself for selling raw milk and other products – an act government prosecutors say violates a number of regulations.

That’s when the next court hearing is scheduled for Mark Nolt, a Pennsylvania farmer who turned in his state permit to sell raw milk because it didn’t allow for the sale of the other products he offered.

“They swooped in … like a bunch of Vikings, handcuffed me and stole $30,000 worth of my milk, cheese and butter,” he told the New York Daily News.

His case is just an example of what the government is trying to do to those who believe – based on medical results – that raw milk is better for them than the processed milk available in most grocery stores, according to Nolt’s supporters…”

And now some commentary from “The Spoils of War” (pictures and title are also from that blog):

“… First they came for the home schoolers, and I wasn’t a home schooler, but I blogged about it anyway, then they came for the flds, and I blogged about that and did a radio show, and emailed officials and signed petitions, now they are coming for dairy farmers, and I don’t own a cow and buy milk at the store….

See, people out there, how the Ubiquitous ‘THEY’ , whom I call Big Brother -are trying to chip away at what we should decide is OK and not OK- how our children get educated, what family situation we live in-possibly even religion, and now they come after, of all things, milk? Here we have California, Maryland , PA and Canada , and there are probably more cases of Big Brother ‘cracking down’ on Self Sufficiency or Alternative Living. Have a way of life that is ‘off the grid’, and they will come after you, whether it is home school, religion/family structure/number of children, political beliefs * and now milk….”

Get the full story from the Spoils of War blog here

Supporters of Cumberland County farmer Mark Nolt gather outside the office of District Judge Susan Day in South Middleton Twp. during Nolt's summary trial.

Supporters of Cumberland County farmer Mark Nolt gather outside the office of District Judge Susan Day in South Middleton Twp. during Nolt's summary trial.


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4 responses to “Big brother cows farmers over raw milk

  1. batguano101

    With our New World Order president, congress, and candidates sellout the nation in the bailout- paying the crooks in the derivative scam….

    it makes sense to beat the farmer senseless, rendition no doubt.

    Crimes of trillions of dollars in war contractor abuses, the financial rape of the nation via corrupt banks and wall street players, and now socializing debts of private insurance companies, etc. demand that farmer be tortured, mutilated, violated, and defamed.

    How else can a criminal government steal astronomical sums, alter the form of government, and protect torture of citizens for the sport of the people office?

    If I sound a tad angry about what is going on in this nation and the total complicity of the media,

    I am tired of the abuse, corruption, sadism, and lawlessness.

    There is

    no shame,

    no honor, and

    no fear of God

    in anyone in our government today.

    No to the bailout.
    No to the people torturing US citizens.
    No to the criminals pretending to be serving the nation.

  2. thebovine

    I must say I’m really impressed by the lead photo here. Wish I knew who took it so I could credit them properly. It’s a beautiful photograph, the lovely tones and colors, wonderful backlighting and great “bokeh” on the out-of-focus background — all quite apart from the action being portrayed. All that beauty creates a such a wonderful dissonance with the reality of what is being depicted here, a farmer being arrested and taken away by agents of the state, for what, for selling milk? Please.

    And the other photo’s pretty good too. Those look like real, down to earth farm and country folk. And I bet they made those signs themselves too. These are citizens in action, standing up for all our rights!

  3. Thanks for linking to my blog. I’m not a farmer, milk or otherwise yet when I came across the story, I couldn’t help but feel it was yet another example of ‘free agency’ and ‘government regulation’ (AKA Big Brother) coming down on anyone who manages to be self-sufficient or participates in anything that does NOT support the usurious system that in my opinion is starting to falter, if not on its last legs.

  4. mark

    i agree “thebovine”. it is a good picture but it is not of mark nolt, my milk supplier.

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