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Jonesing for raw milk in Vegas

This piece by vegaswineaux , titled “Raw Milk Nation” is from the site Mire Poix, Enhancing Freshness and Flavor in Culinary Vegas, and is dated Sept 9, 2008. The author takes issue with the fact that, in what’s got to be one of the most generally permissive states in the union, raw milk is mysteriously still taboo.

“I realized during my trip to California that just because I live in a different state, that in no way absolves me from getting involved with important issues that affect me directly.

One of those issues is the continuing availability of Raw Milk.

Why Raw Milk? Because it’s extremely natural, the only dairy many otherwise lactose-intolerant people can drink without problems, and it’s healthy. Very healthy.

Just to save you a little time … if you’re anti-dairy, don’t waste your time writing me. I’ve heard all of the arguments. And those arguments have nothing to do with this issue. And most are specious and not based on a Raw Milk model. So spare me. And take a look at the Weston A. Price Foundation website. You’ll learn a lot of information about dairy and of the dairy industry. Read Dr. Price’s book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration and learn a lot more. Continue reading

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Would you like some raw milk, my pet?

Seems like Florida is one of those jurisdictions where there’s a substantial trade in raw milk as “pet food”. For example, here are a couple of listings under the heading “Florida Contacts for Raw Milk Information” on the website for the Florida Association for Raw Milk:

  • Clearwater/St Petersburg: Tilted Halo Ranch, (813) 818-0305, Pam@rodeorow.com . NOW ACCEPTING ADDITIONAL CUSTOMERS Fresh raw goat milk sold for pet consumption only, as per Florida Law, gallons only! Frozen or fresh. Please don’t ask for human consumption – they won’t sell to you! TB/Bruc Free Herd. ADGA registered show goats. Also fresh farm free range eggs. Our animals are raised and treated with love as family pets. No growth hormones or antibiotics.
  • Ft. Myers: Hampton’s Farm, (239) 246-1465, Teresa McVey, conclusionsvalentine@hughes.net . Fresh Raw goats milk, or pasturized. Per Florida Law, for pet consumption only. Gallons only please! ADGA registered show goats. Your containers or theirs. Extra charge for glass jars if they provide. Also available: Fresh eggs from free range hens.

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