Jonesing for raw milk in Vegas

This piece by vegaswineaux , titled “Raw Milk Nation” is from the site Mire Poix, Enhancing Freshness and Flavor in Culinary Vegas, and is dated Sept 9, 2008. The author takes issue with the fact that, in what’s got to be one of the most generally permissive states in the union, raw milk is mysteriously still taboo.

“I realized during my trip to California that just because I live in a different state, that in no way absolves me from getting involved with important issues that affect me directly.

One of those issues is the continuing availability of Raw Milk.

Why Raw Milk? Because it’s extremely natural, the only dairy many otherwise lactose-intolerant people can drink without problems, and it’s healthy. Very healthy.

Just to save you a little time … if you’re anti-dairy, don’t waste your time writing me. I’ve heard all of the arguments. And those arguments have nothing to do with this issue. And most are specious and not based on a Raw Milk model. So spare me. And take a look at the Weston A. Price Foundation website. You’ll learn a lot of information about dairy and of the dairy industry. Read Dr. Price’s book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration and learn a lot more.

There is a continuing battle – and I use the word in the same way as describing full out war – to keep clean, certified Raw Milk available to customers who want it in the state of California. Unfortunately, it has been banned in here in Nevada. You can get a gallon of vodka, a carton of cigarettes, a box of bullets and get an abortion on the way home, but if you want Raw Milk, you gotta travel to California, you gotta know somebody (wink wink), or you have to mail order it. Stupid. It’s unfortunate that such laws are made by those who are influenced by those in an industry – where mass, factory production of antibiotic tainted and hormone enhanced milk from cows who don’t have to be certified – whose financial self-preservation comes before consumer choice. Make no mistake about it, the powers that be are influenced by those who have the most to lose – the very powerful dairy industry.

I mean, if they suddenly saw people getting healthy because of drinking fresh, raw, clean milk, then they would lose customers. They would – at the very least – start using better sanitation practices. They may even have to stop the routine antibiotics (which have been accused of causing the alarmingly high rate of antibiotic resistance in humans) or the bovine growth hormones (which have been accused of causing the alarmingly high rates of hormone-sensitive cancers and early puberty in American children) and actually have to start using real husbandry to care for their herds. Just like the Raw Milk farmers do.

I’ve been on a Raw Milk rant for well over thirty years, and still feel as strongly now about having it available as I did then. When the number of certified dairies diminished during the 80s in California and I was forced to give “regular” grocery store milk to my children, I noticed immediately a change in their health. Raw Milk, no asthma or allergies. Grocery store, pasteurized milk resulted in increased allergies, hospital visits, expensive prescriptions. It took me a long time to make the connection….”

Read the whole story here.

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