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Arkansas’ bizzaro raw milk laws

Thus spake the Ninja Poodles… Seriously, the excerpt below is actually from the blog of the Ninja Poodles, who, one might imagine, roam the state of Arkansas looking for legal sources of raw milk to drink. What they find there truly is bizarre. Read on:

Let me say right at the start here that I do not believe that humans NEED milk, in any form other than from their mothers, as infants. I don’t. I also think that modern industrial dairy practices have given us a product that is a far cry from anything nature ever intended. But the fact is, I love the stuff, and I especially love the stuff that you can make from it, and used judiciously, I believe it can be an important and even beneficial part of a human diet. But the more I learn, the more I know that I don’t want my daughter consuming the quantities of milk that I did as a child, and I want the dairy products she does consume to be of the highest quality, and as natural as possible.

I’ve been killing myself trying to find a source of fresh, raw, grass-fed milk to buy. As it is in most of the country, buying and selling raw cow’s milk is illegal in Arkansas. There is a loophole, apparently, where you can “invest” in a dairy cow, and get paid dividends in the form of milk from that cow. Really–it’s called a “cow share,” and I’d love to find one. I don’t think I’m going to have any luck, though, because it looks like the hoops the farmers have to jump through to offer a cow share are many, and tricky. And it’s painfully obvious that the barriers against this practice have FAR less to do with protecting the consumer from health threats than with protecting the huge and powerful corporate dairy industry from competition. Continue reading


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