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It’s not just about raw milk

Old Macdonald had a farm… and he got arrested

It looks, from this story in “The Nation”, that this crackdown on small farms is about more than just raw milk. Here is a brief excerpt from a much longer article by David Gumpert from November 2007:

“….These should be happy times for owners of small farms. Not only are commodity prices way up, but the buy-local movement has caught fire around the country. Rapidly growing numbers of people are embracing the romantic notion of buying food directly from area farmers, sometimes driving hours into the countryside to buy veggies, meat and milk. Continue reading

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Got Milk? That’s what you think

These excerpts are from the Journeys Fitness blog by Raychelle Muhammad:

“…Don’t you just love the “Got Milk?” ads featuring gorgeous celebrities donning milk mustaches? These ads recommend drinking milk daily and many have done so in the quest to emulate the images projected by these personalities. Milk has been touted as the cure-all for strong bones and teeth, postponing osteoporosis, and even cancer prevention. I am sure that this campaign has done much to boost sales in the dairy industry. It has also been helpful in teaching the general public about one aspect of nutrition. The only problem is that the milk readily available on the market cannot provide the many benefits of drinking it. Why? Milk and dairy products are pasteurized and/or homogenized. In other words, everything good has been removed….” Continue reading

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