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Michael Moore — “Milko”?

Perhaps Michael Moore’s next movie will focus on the growing controversy around raw milk in North America. The auteur behind “Slacker Uprising”, “Sicko”, “Fahrenheit 911”, “Bowling for Columbine” and “Roger and Me” apparently learned about Michael Schmidt’s raw milk exploits last spring from his publicist who was a client of Schmidt’s daughter, Cordy, who works as a massage therapist in Colorado. Cordy and the publicist got to talking about raw milk and next thing you know, Michael Moore was ringing up Glencolton Farms, where he spoke to Zack, a five year old, who, being the precocious kid that he is, was able to answer all of Mr. Moore’s probing questions about the raw milk scene up here in the frozen north.

Photo from Internet Movie Database (IMDb).


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Talking ’bout those tastes and flavours – some real dialog about real (raw) milk

Here’s another fun excerpt from a recent post on the Complete Patient blog. This story is further to their post on how it would be nice to have a discussion on raw milk, but you need someone to discuss with.

Wouldn’t it be great if consumers could have these kinds of conversation with their regular corporate dairies and if raw milk advocates could engage in this sort of dialog with regulators and legislators. The excerpt begins:

“… Here’s one kind of conversation about milk between a consumer and producer:

Hi Terri,
Did you notice the milk has been tasting different the last few weeks? It has an almost “grassy” flavor & it even smells different. Has there been a substantial change in what the cows are eating? My son doesn’t notice but I haven’t really wanted to drink it when usually I love it. Just wondering why it’s so different (BTW, I’ve been buying your yummy milk for about a year so I have lots to compare)

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What NAU? Border dogs and police testing mistake raw chocolate for hashish. Is this still Canada?

While this is not about raw milk, it is about raw foods being mistreated as controlled substances by the authorities. You’ve got to wonder what agenda is served in cases like this. Sure, some bored customs officials got to act out their non-consenual bondage and interrogation fantasies on what was probably a cute and innocent young couple. But beyond that?

Every time I hear of a case like this my mind drifts off to thoughts of what some would say is the impending North American Union (NAU), a future EU of North America, in which borders between Canada the US and Mexico are erased and we’d have free movement of persons and goods along with a common currency, the Amero.  I think all this border harassment is preparation for the day when the NAU is announced, a day when the authorities hope that people who’ve heard and experienced horror stories like this will breathe a sigh of relief because they’ll think they won’t have to deal with these kind of customs nightmares anymore.

Prime Minister Harper addresses the Council on Foreign Relations

Steven Harper at the Council on Foreign Relations

Perhaps, like Justin Trudeau, you think the NAU is the stuff of so called “conspiracy theories”. Well, think like that no more. Our Canadian prime minister Steven Harper has apparently gone on record as supporting the NAU, in a speech given to the Council on Foreign Relations. You’d think something as important as dissolving Canada’s nationhood would be more of an election issue. But the only party that seems to care is too small to appear on the radar of the corporate media.

And now, some excerpts from relevant sources:

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