Raw milk – BIG IN JAPAN? – Not

Unlike iconic singer Tom Waits, raw milk is not “Big in Japan”. However it does seem to be legally available there, though expensive.  According to Paul Ericson, who was recently in Japan, raw milk, which is supplied from only one dairy in the entire country, is distributed through perhaps 50 retail outlets scattered throughout Japan.

Japan's one source of raw milk.

Omoiyari dairy: Japan's one source of legal raw milk

At any given grocery, there will be a dozen different types of milk, varying in things like butterfat content and % of fresh milk vs powdered. On pasteurized milk, the pasteurization time and temperature are indicated on the package. Much of the milk in Japan is ultrahigh temperature (UHT) pasteurized. And while pasteurized milk costs 140 yen for 500 ml, raw milk costs about 6 times as much, 385 yen for 180 ml.

Here is a link to the website of the one raw milk dairy in Japan. Note: this is in Japanese, so you’ll need to be able to display Kanji characters on your system and be able to read Japanese to see what it says. Good luck with that. Thanks to Paul for this intelligence.


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3 responses to “Raw milk – BIG IN JAPAN? – Not

  1. l.

    I live in Japan and buy milk from omoiyari — for my kids only, I seriously can’t afford it for me and my husband. With delivery, it ends up costing over $10 per 750ml bottle! Still, I am grateful that they exist.

    • Agnieszka

      Is it possible to get more information from U ?? I represant Slow Food organization to support small farmers from Nteherlands becouse if they won’t exist raw milk also.. We wanted to know more about how may consumers are ready to bye products of raw milk like for instance raw milk cheese, do people like and realize that this kind of product are good for health in your country, it is very very importand, I will be greatfull to have your opinion in this matter, my email fav.green@op.pl

  2. Stephanie

    Raw milk is VERY hard to get here in Japan, but recently there has been an increase in awareness about the damage done to milk during the pasteurization process and various brands which offer low temperature pasteurization have popped up. “Tei on sakkin” milk is heated at 60~63ºC for 30 minutes and costs about 300 yen for 1 liter.

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