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FUW Fighters* of Michigan

Michigan Fresh Unprocessed Whole Milk Workgroup Launches Web site

EAST LANSING, MI, October 9, 2008 – The Michigan Fresh Unprocessed Whole (FUW) Milk Workgroup has launched its new Web site as a public display of the group’s progress in addressing the question, “Where do we want to be in 3 to 5 years on access to fresh unprocessed whole milk?”

The Michigan FUW Milk Workgroup was established in January 2007 and represents an array of perspectives relative to the issues at hand and the group’s purpose. Members include consumers who seek to ensure access to raw milk, producers who want to provide a healthy source of raw milk, a “Grade A” milk industry representative, and food safety regulators who are looking to balance access and choice issues with protection of the food supply. Michigan Food & Farming Systems (MIFFS) and Michigan State University (MSU) serve as facilitators and resource providers to guide the dialogue and deliberations of the Workgroup.

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