Moo Juice in the Buff

Here’s a fun little bit of commentary from Heidi of the Carolina Dreaz blog. She’s lucky enough to live in a state where raw milk is legal, sort of. Although, according to Heidi, in some of the states neighbouring hers, it’s easier to get marijuana than raw milk. This is from her post, also titled “Moo Juice in the Buff”. Great languaging, don’t you think?

South Carolina quarter

South Carolina quarter

“Danielle, my cheese lady, and I were discussing Raw Milk and how we’d really like to be able to get it, here.

This led me to some internet research.

You can get raw milk in Charleston.

But, did you know that we are quite fortunate, in South Carolina, to even be able to buy or consume Real Milk.

Did you know that there are umbrellas to milk selling laws, in some states, similar to Private Umbrella Schools?

I didn’t know that we had a need to be so creative.

In South Carolina, we can legally sell/buy raw, unpasteurized, non-homogenized Milk. Just not products made from it, says the Department of Health and Environmental Control.

As of this winter (2008) we also can now purchase raw milk in a retail establishment. It has to be sold away from “regular” milk, in a completely different refrigerator, though. (There are specific labeling and advertising requirements, too, but blah blah, right?)

I wonder if this is to protect the milk from telling the homogenized milk that there is a better way.. or maybe its contagious through the carton. 😉

And its also legal for a seller to advertise, in the state of South Carolina, too.

You’d think that these little facts would seem silly. We DO live in a free market country.

Apparently, however, free market does not cover raw milk, in every state.

In fact, our bordering states are not as fortunate as we are..

In Georgia, raw milk, for human consumption, has been banned. The sale of raw milk (for human consumption) is illegal in Florida and North Carolina, too. In fact, its illegal in 22 states. (The raw milk, sold as animal feed, in NC, legally, has to be Gray, from added charcoal dye.) Some of those 22 states, they have started cow-sharing farms. Basically, if you own or even partially own a cow, you aren’t technically or legally buying the milk.

Time shares for Raw Milk. I love it! The things we have to do, sometimes, amaze me….”

Read the complete story on Heidi’s blog, here

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