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Michael Schmidt and “cow-lovers” in court Mon. Oct. 20 to hear contempt-of-court verdict in Barrie — full details

Note: New Information from Friday Oct 17: Venue changed to Newmarket, 50 Eagle Street.

Location info below is now of only historical interest. Don’t “go there”.

A ruling in Michael Schmidt’s raw milk contempt-of-court case, which was heard Sept 10, 11 and 12th of this year, will be given by Justice Boswell this coming Monday October 20th at the courthouse in Barrie Ontario at 9:30 am.

Barrie Court House is at 114 Worsley St. Barrie L4M 1M1

Directions: Take HWY 400 North. When you come to Barrie, take exit 96A for Dunlop St. Go 0.5 km. Merge onto Dunlop St W. Continue for 1.7 km. Make a slight left at Clapperton St. Proceed for 0.3 km. Turn right at Worsley St. The court house will be on your left.

Cow share members and cow lovers are encouraged to come out to show their support.

Note that there will be another trial in January on the main charges stemming from the raid on the farm November 2006.


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What are people saying now about the raw milk regulatory situation in California?

The quotes below are excerpted from the comments on an October 12th post on David E. Gumpert’s “The Complete Patient” blog:

Sylvia: “Does the govt and/or the mega dairies think that raw milk consumers will revert to pasturized if the raw dairy is unavailable? Is that what they are assuming?

As pointed out numerous times on this blog, of all the foods that sicken people, raw dairy is a tiny slice of that pie. Other foods are more common with contamination and sicken many more people as do vaccinations, etc. than raw dairy does. I would expect the govt to go after those that are more prevailant…”

Don: “…the product RAW DAIRY is very special. IMHO its perhaps the most important food we eat can to maintain or restore ones health. If RAW DAIRY from clean healthy grass fed cows can do for others what it has done for me then it is an exceedingly big big problem for the establishment because it easily unmasks their outright lies, exposes their hidden agenda and leads to many other truths that brings their house of cards built on sand down. RAW DAIRY is indeed a very special product why else the all out war against it nationwide?…” Continue reading

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Ron Garthwaite, Claravale Dairy owner, writes to the California Governor

Ron Garthwaite of Claravale Farms, with Jersey calves

Ron Garthwaite of Claravale Farms, with Jersey calves. Photo: Claravale Farms

This letter was written before the California Governor’s recent veto of new raw milk legislation in California. It presents a detailed outline of what is wrong with the now-prevailing raw milk legislation in California and why it may eventually drive existing raw milk dairies there out of business. For more on this subject see yesterday’s post titled “Are they trying to regulate California raw dairies out of business?”. We obtained this document from farmer Michael Schmidt who received it from the California Raw Milk Association.

Letter from Ron Garthwaite, President and Owner Claravale Farm, September 27, 2008:

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger,

So that there can be no further confusion on the topic, let me first, as an owner and President of Claravale Dairy, state our position on the bills in question. Continue reading

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Collette Cassidy, Claravale Dairy owner, writes to the California Governor

Once again, this is a letter that was written before the veto of new legislation. That new legislation was the fruit of extensive collaboration between consumers, industry and legislators. It was passed almost unanimously by the California State Senate, after which the Governor saw fit to veto it.

Letter from Collette Cassidy, owner, Claravale Farm, September 27, 2008:

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger,

My husband has very articulately described our present situation, however, there are a few things I would like to add. The small family farm is not only a vanishing breed, but right here in California, our small dairy farm is at the edge of extinction – to be precise – one signature away. We are the only ones left producing and bottling our own Jersey milk. The thousands of customers that we serve value highly and pay a premium for this product. They have spoken up in defense of their right to continue to drink this milk. Continue reading

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