Annika “got raw milk” in Vermont

Photo from Northern Kingdom Localvores blog

Photo from Northern Kingdom Localvores blog

We found this little blurb about raw milk on the Northeast Kingdom Localvores blog. That’s from Vermont, in case you didn’t know. It seems the writer of this post, Annika, gets her milk from Tamarlane Farm, which is in her locality. Here’s some of what she has to say about it in her post from October 16th, 2008:

Local milk is easy to find in Vermont. Although numbers are dwindling, there are still several dairy farms in the area, and every supermarket carries Vermont milk. We took it a step further last month and started buying raw milk directly from the farm: Tamarlane Farm, to be more specific. You can pick their milk up right in downtown Lyndonville at the Freighthouse Restaurant (you have to drop off your own container and pick it up the next day).

“I was a bit nervous about drinking unpasteurized milk. The government tells us it’s dangerous (even though there have been many more cases of illness from agribusiness meat and vegetables). I did a little reading and found that pasteurization became common after dairy farms became more urban and industrialized. Illness in milk drinkers became a problem as the health of the cows declined. In the early 1900s, when pasteurization was widely introduced, illness decreased. But that was less than a hundred years ago; what about the thousands of years before that? People have been drinking raw milk for as long as we have been domesticating animals; it was only after cows became unhealthy that the milk started making us sick.

I was very reassured after paying a visit to Tamarlane Farm on a Raw Milk Tour day set up by Rural Vermont. I saw a clean barn (the cows were all outside on pasture) and an immaculate milkhouse….”

“…Raw milk tastes great, it’s cheaper than milk at the store, and I love supporting a local farm! We will be buying our milk from Tamarlane Farm from now on….”

Read the whole post and see all the pictures here.

More info on Tamarlane Farm (just factual stuff)


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2 responses to “Annika “got raw milk” in Vermont

  1. Thanks for the link! To answer your question, Tamarlane Farm does not have a website. There are three other farms that I know of within a 20-minute drive from my (very rural) house that sell raw milk direct from their farms. In Vermont farmers are permitted to sell up to a certain number of quarts per day from the farm, but cannot sell it in stores.

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