Michael Schmidt ruling venue change

Press Release:

To Sell Raw or Not To Sell Raw


Contempt of Court Ruling Will Be Given By Judge MONDAY OCTOBER 20TH

50 Eagle Street West, Newmarket at 9:30 am

With possible jail-time facing him, Michael Schmidt will find out Monday if he has the legal power to continue providing raw milk.

On that day, Judge Boswell will rule in a Newmarket courthouse on contempt of court charges arising from Schmidt’s refusal to stop offering “shares” in his dairy cows – a roundabout way he devised to deliver pure, unpasteurized milk to the people who want it.

“It is always a blessing to face the other side in front of a judge. We all are humans and we all should stand for what we feel and think is morally right.  Now it will be up to the judge to rule.”

Schmidt is not your garden variety rabble rouser. “Raw milk” is sought out by gourmet chefs for its flavor and by organic and “slow food” enthusiasts for its organic, “untouched” properties.  In 2007, famed chef Jamie Kennedy took up Schmidt’s crusade, organizing a rally of urbanites against the province’s draconian pasteurization laws.

This unlikely crusade dates to November, 2006, when armed officers from the Ministry of Natural Resources raided Schmidt’s farm, seizing equipment and computers. He was charged with failure to obey a written order to refrain from storing and producing raw milk products. A month later – after losing 50 pounds on a hunger strike – Schmidt brought a cow to the steps of the Legislature and marked the end of his hunger strike by drinking a glass of milk directly from the cow.

Michael Schmidt intellectualizes his passion in a productive and progressive manner. This charismatic farmer not only represents the underdog, he is serving as an inspiration for those who hope to fight the bureaucratic machine and win.

For more info, to set up an interview with Michael Schmidt, get GAT: Ingrid Hamilton ingrid@gat.ca h/o: 416-482-6142 c: 416-731-3034 To download pictures, go to http://www.gat.ca/media LOGIN first Username: media / Password: media / Click: Everything Else / Click: Michael Schmidt

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