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The state works in mysterious ways — or how Michael Schmidt learned that tomorrow’s verdict will be delivered in Newmarket, not Barrie

Michael Schmidt was being interviewed by the CBC last week and at the end of the interview, they told him “see you Monday in Newmarket”. He corrected them, saying the verdict was to be handed down in Barrie.

The CBC person then reconfirmed with their source as to the venue for Monday’s verdict and informed Michael. Further phone calls revealed that a message about the venue change had been sent to Michael via courier and another message had been conveyed by phone. However Michael received neither of these messages.

Cow share members were left wondering, when they heard about it yesterday, what if any significance there is in this last-minute change of venue. Did it mean, for example, that someone with advance knowledge of the ruling was changing the venue on short notice to avoid Michael and his cow-share members being present when the verdict was handed down? Or were they just trying to relocate it to a place which would be more convenient for cow-share members to attend?

So, once again the verdict will be delivered Monday October 20th at the court house in Newmarket on 50 Eagle street, at 9:30 am. See you there!


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Only raw Camembert cheeses awarded seal of authenticity in France

Not much news about raw vs pasteurized controversies in Europe seems to appear on the English-language interwebs. One is left wondering whether there is truly no news, whether raw milk and cheeses are an accepted fact of life in Europe, or whether they’re being quietly squeezed out and marginalized there and no one is making a fuss about it. Wouldn’t it be nice to know?

There’s lots of news indicating that interest in raw milk is expanding in the states, even as regulators move to restrict access. Is there a corresponding resurgence of interest in raw milk in Europe as well? If not, is the surge in interest in raw milk in America, a result of more-widespread publicity given to raw milk stories in the U.S. or is it a sign of some more fundamental cultural difference? It would be nice to hear first hand from someone who’s familiar with the European scene.

Anyway, that’s all a preamble to today’s excerpt, again from Gina Mallet’s blog, about how France now recognizes only raw milk cheese to be of an acceptable standard for it’s exclusive seal of authenticity. This is a story from March of 2008:

“Finally, the French are making a stand, albeit a long overdue one, for the authenticity and taste of one of their greatest foods — soft raw milk cheeses like Brie, Camembert, Epoisses… This week, a committee of experts and new found patriots found for the ancient and amazing RAW MILK Camembert, saying only it should be given the Appellation Controlee label that confirms its authenticity. Pasteurized Camembert doesn’t hack it. Anyone who loves the fiery taste of raw milk cheese will be celebrating today. Continue reading

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