Shut down your livelihood for 2 years while we get around to hearing your case

The following is excepted from a comment I made on The Complete Patient blog, where another commenter was wondering what was going on with the Michael Schmidt case. So I had to add my 2 cents worth. While generally on this blog, we pretty well stick to reporting the facts, in this piece, since it was “a comment” I’ve indulged in a little more “editorializing” than usual.

“… From what I’ve read around the web, Michael Schmidt is unique in not allowing himself to be cowed by the actions of governments. He’s telling the press that he intends to keep right on fulfilling his contractual obligations to cowshare holders. i was in court with him today and when the discussion came round to sentencing, Michael asked the judge to give him the maximum sentence. However the judge declined to allow him to “throw himself on the sword of York Region for political reasons”.

The really nasty thing about this recent court case (for contempt) is that it can’t address the fundamental things he was charged with nearly two years ago now. That’ll be in January 2009. Meanwhile, according to the court order that he ‘s now convicted of violating, he’s essentially supposed to have shut down his livelihood for what, for two years, while the courts get around to processing his case.

Anyway, every time Michael appears in court, he gets massive positive publicity from local and national media. And public opinion as reflected in the comments sections of local websites, like CTV, is more and more overwhelmingly positive. I just looked at the CTV site and they’ve closed the comments section — I dont’ know why, too many favourable comments, or their server couldn’t handle the traffic. I know Vince Laforet clocked over 500 comments on his post about a new Canon 5D camera, so I don’t know why the CTV site can only handle 117. My guess is they didn’t want the public to see just how overwhelming the support is for Michael’s case….”

In other media, CBC had 295 responses to the ruling, the Globe and mail 244 and the Toronto Star 64.

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