Udder Hypocrisy — Gina Mallet

This is excerpted from “The Appetizer” section of the “National Post” website, October 20th, 2008, by Gina Mallet:

“Raw-milk activist Michael Schmidt was found guilty Monday for not adhering to a court order to discontinue production and sale of unpasteurized cow milk. Gina Mallet reacts:

Talk about hypocrisy! Michael Schmidt’s raw milk has never been found to have listeria or e coli, none of his customers have turned up in intensive care. People who buy raw milk know there’s an outside risk of a pathogen in unpasteurized milk.

But no one who ate the listeria laced deli meat and now, the e-coli burgers from a North Bay Wendy’s knew they were dicing with death when they ate processed and fast food.

So why hasn’t the government banned deli meats and fast food burgers?

Why doesn’t the government give us stats on what food has been contaminated with listeria and e coli in the last several years? I bet we’ll find that poisoned food has included pasteurized food, even though pasteurization is meant to kill all germs. Fact is, and the government knows it, that the dirty human hand is a greater danger to our food than not pasteurizing milk…”

Read the rest of the story here.

For more on food safety by Gina Millet read this post in which she talks about how food is never 100% safe.

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One response to “Udder Hypocrisy — Gina Mallet


    Governments always side with mainstream business. They care not a bit about what’s beneficial to our health, only their bottom line advocacy of those demonic processed food companies, chemical companies, drug companies, and industrial farms. They don’t understand that in order to thrive as a species, we need live food, not the dead, altered, heart and brain damaging crap processors manufacture. Hang a politician upside down on a meat hook and you’d find the dumbest, most foolish, most obnoxious beast on the planet. They are not only stupid, but quite insane, yet, they look otherwise. It’s a farce, they are arranging our demise as a species and they don’t have a clue how. They are sightless advocates of lunacy so obvious to many, and even the survival of their children isn’t considered, they simply don’t get it and they are terrified of business. Businesses, not all, but most, will do anything to continue their assault on humankinds assets, health, and time. They only care for money and power, all else is meaningless.

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