So what are the “Yahoo”s saying?

Alright, I hear you muttering about that story on cbcnews and the 344 comments. Some of you think that the CBC audience is not a true slice of the demographic pie, that they’ve got more than their share of elitist pinko book readers and university profs. So, let’s go for something a little more “middlebrow”. Can we do better than “Yahoo News”? These folks don’t even write their own news stories; it’s just boilerplate from the Canadian Press wire service. And yet their October 20th story Farmer prosecuted for raw milk says he will not stop” garnered 258 comments. But before we get to those, here’s a little excerpt from the story itself:

“By Clint Thomas, The Canadian Press

NEWMARKET, Ont. – An organic dairy farmer from southern Ontario vowed Monday to continue the illegal sale of raw milk, just minutes after being found guilty of contempt of court for ignoring an order to cease selling the product.

“Yes, we will continue with what we’re doing,” Michael Schmidt said following the ruling, as he and several supporters made a show of chugging back glasses of milk in front of the courthouse in Newmarket, Ont. It was unclear whether or not the milk was raw or pasteurized.

Schmidt has run a co-operative organic dairy farm near Owen Sound, Ont., for more than 20 years. York Region, north of Toronto, had accused Schmidt of selling raw milk, even after he was ordered by the court not to do so.

Selling unpasteurized milk is illegal in Canada because health officials say it can carry salmonella, E. coli and Listeria.

Raw milk advocates say they drink it for its flavour, organic properties and health benefits.

Justice Cary Boswell said his ruling had nothing to do with whether or not people have the right to consume raw milk, but rather whether Schmidt knowingly defied the court order to stop selling it.

The judge cited news articles in which Schmidt admitted he sold the milk and that he knew the consequence of ignoring a court order as the basis for his finding of guilt.

He told Schmidt he should stay within the rule of law in seeking to make the sale of raw milk legal and called his actions “not only illegal, but completely self-defeating.”

A defiant Schmidt asked for “the highest penalty you can find,” suggesting he is willing to go to jail for his crusade.

Outside court, he went so far as to liken himself to Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr.

“When Gandhi picked up the salt, he kept marching, and when Martin Luther started the Montgomery bus strike, he kept going until the law was changed,” Schmidt said.

Schmidt said milk from his animals is regularly tested and that in 14 years no one who has consumed his products have been made sick. He said a recent series of foodborne outbreaks in Canada bolsters the public’s desire for natural products.

“They’re turned off by mass regulated food supplies,” Schmidt said. “They’d rather look at a food source they can trust, and that means looking in the farmer’s eye.”

Bill Mitchell, of the Dairy Farmers of Ontario, strongly contests Schmidt’s claim that consuming raw milk should be an individual choice.

“A lot of the organisms that can be transmitted through raw milk are transmissible,” he said….”

Read the whole story here.

And now a word from their readers. And remember, there’s a lot more where these came from:

antopkey: I and my family used to drink unpasturized milk until the farmer retired. It’s safer than the chemical concoctions in the supermarket.

sosendiyou: Caveat emptor: if someone wants to purchase raw unpasteurised milk, knowing the tiny risk that it could carry non-infectious bacterium, what’s the use of wasting court time on this? Go after the multi-nationals who allowed greedy Chinese companies to wataer down formula with lead and melamine!

Just a Guy: Maybe the law is old and should be revised…Or maybe the law was a sham to start. Let’s say you have an unregulated industry, then you force everyone to pasteurised, but then only the large dairy can pasteurised, so now you are FORCED to sell to the dairy. In the 50’s and 60’s elections were won by cheating and pork barelling. Laws were created the same way. This guy definitely has a valid point. We signed the NAFTA . Let’s have real free trade now!

Loma Linda: How many dairy farmers and their families who have for years drank raw milk ever got sick from it?? Where are the stats on that?? More folks get sick and die from approved drugs taken daily. So why target folks rights to eat, drink and apply alternative safe products like raw milk, (devoid of antibiotics, growth hormones and pesticides) and those who provide the goods? Dare to take a tour of the agri dairy farms and see and smell for yourself!

Chris: This is a serious issue, To drink or not to drink raw milk should be the choice of the individual. Not the government. So why do they get to choose? What happended to our choice? Currently, it’s illegal to sell raw milk. But if you don’t have your own farm, how else are you going to get your raw milk? Our ancesters drank raw milk, before the dicovery of pasterization. And In fact, they had better health then we do now. So what happened to our right to choose? Thanks for listening. Merci

bozcro: is this a joke? all these tainted chinese products the goverment lets in, and the pick on a canadian dairy farmer? this is just unreal. im sure melamine is safer, or that canned fruit i ate that tasted like a freshly greased machine. revolution is comming ppl!

Simpleton: We have a communist government! The gov’t has slowly taken control of all of our lives that most people don’t realize what is happening. Gun laws-so they know where the guns are. Smoking becoming illegal. The gov’t doesn’t really want people to quit smoking because if they did they wouldn’t be collecting $9/pack in taxes. If they really wanted us to quit, they would tell the cigarette companies to take out the chemicals they put in the smokes to make people addicted! Gov’t=hypocrites!

Linda R: When a law is dumb, it should be changed. People should have the right to buy unpasteurized milk if they so choose. No one is forcing it on anyone. I don’t eat dairy, but I would think eating it in its natural state is healthier, as most foods are. Europeans have been consuming unpasteurized dairy products for a long time, so why are we so different?

Simon: Hmm. While failing to stop corporate meat and cheese products from sickening and killing Canadians with Listeria, government regulators find the time and resources to nail a farmer who has harmed no one and has happy customers.

sheralyn2: If catering companies can tell you you have to pay a mandatory gratuity why doesnt he just ask for a mandatory donation for farm upkeep and Give the milk away is this breaking the law ? People should have the right to choose natural foods and medicines over the overchemicalized crap they sell in the stores! Why does the Gov’t have the power to kill us slowely with fake food and chemicals!

aahkaash: Raw milk is bad in the same way that raw meat is bad!The PROBLEM is that our milk “laws” are from an era when refrigeration was not an option.When procured properly, raw milk, like raw meat is safe.FYI, I regularly drink Michael’s raw milk and have not been sick because of it.Banning raw milk only drives it underground and thus less care is taken in its production.Its hard to believe that the rest of the G8 (and world) are wrong in regulating it and we are right by banning it.Hmmm.. time 4 milk

Joe Canadian: I was raised on raw milk. I used to drink it, when it was still warm, right after milking the cows. I think what the government is doing is horrible. More and more of our personal freedoms are being taken away, with the government claiming to know what is good or better for us. I’m tired of living in a police state, that tells me what I can eat or drink or smoke, that I have to wear helmets and seatbelts… The list goes on and on. Whatever happened to freedom of Choice?

banana b: I have yet to see a CEO in court because of the Listeria crisis people in Canada had to live with…For one I do not buy processed meat anymore. I am going to kidnap a sexy cow and milk it out of wedlock (i.e. going raw with her)

Behemoth: Raw milk! Still safer than maple leaf products!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Murrie: I can’t believe the government would pay for this ridiculous show of power. Let the consumer decide!! With outbreaks at the most corporate levels of food consumption – why are they spending money exploiting the motives of one exceptionally honest and safe farmer who goes out of his way to EDUCATE THE PUBLIC!!

NAL: If there was a place in Alberta to get it, I would for sure. I grew up on a farm, on cow’s milk, unpasteurized, & was never sick a day in my life, except for the usual flu/cold in the winter. Ever since I moved to the city & began drinking the hormone-infused, God-knows-what-else-is-in-it, that is in stores, I cannot drink milk.

Bob M: i smell dictatorship here , i dont believe this is canada,who do the health officials think they are, its cheaper to drink water and flour and has as much food value as pasturized milk. real milk has both good and bad bacteria in it an that is both part of imune systems, we need both to live healthy, i drank raw cows milk all therough my childhood and never been sick, all these vacccines is killing humans umunes to everything they should find honest jobs

Des T Hunder: I hate milk period! Beer is the logical choice, the nectar of the gods! Cows should be used for their real purpose, cow tipping!

Mary R: MahNahMahMah: and all others that see through the veil of political interference. Organic farming which includes non gmo products is safeguarding the public. Governments of Great Britain, USA and Canada please explain again how you allowed diseased and infected cattle to be processed into cattle feed, and according to ‘approved government standards’ granted permission for the cattle to eat this feed. Madcow Disease was therefore GOVERNMENT APPROVED by absence of due diligence of care.

slideshowbob: I used to have allergies. I used to have cold and the “flu” sevreal times a year. Ever since I stopped drinking store-bought milk (6 years) I have been healthy and not a burden to the health care system. For those who are scared of “raw” anything – “don’t leave your parents’ basement”. I cannot belive the neo-con rhetoric on this topic – “please government, don’t give me a choice, tell us what to do” These kids would want the govt. to wipe thier butts for them too, since mommy is at work…

Mariner: It *should* be a personal choice. When I lived in Europe, I often consumed unpasteurized dairy products. Some of the finest cheeses can only be made from the intact milk, and they ripen differently. Any Brie or Camembert or Chevre type cheeses (and many others) people eat here are *crap* compared to what they are in Europe, and when we import them from there Canada requires them to be made from pasteurized milk.

indoorbud: What,I wonder what will people will say when the suggestion of pasturizing Mother’s milk arises? Trust me ; in the way the worlds mindset is ( progressing ) ?

uponthewater: I grew up on “raw milk”, straight from the cow’s udder. I’m 56 yrs old and never missed a day from work for physical reasons, i.e., being “sick”. Both my parents are in their middle 80’s, living independently. Since grade 9, and the cow passed on, I never drank milk again. I always felt “store milk” was unnatural and unsafe somehow. Sheila L.

Seal VII: SEE INFOWARS.COM Re: FOX news(NOT!) Monsanto cover up of CANCER causing annoculations in milk in Florida and resultant BOGUS COURTS Decision that it is not a crime for “NEWS MEDIA” to Lie……………………. I told ya, PEEEEEEEEEEple and LISTEN as well as view. touch on streaming radio on that sight!!!!!Smell the COFFEE!!!!!!!!I will take some fresh cream with that!

Joey: I have never seen so many post in my life,So lets just take away all the drugs & chemicals we use in farming today,And see how far we get, you would,nt make one year,And yes we are living longer not only because of our addvanced meds and doctors,Its the way we farm also,Nothing wrong with mom & pops small farms & gardens,But they cant feed the masses,And i love the fresh furit stands an the farmers markets,But again it will not feed the world,Goat hippies smoke another joint

Bob: I am certified nutritionist and can reassure everybody that raw milk is not only better testing, but more importantly it is much healthier. Pasteurisation not only robs the milk of many nutrients; it also kills the enzymes that helps its digestion. The only criteria in producing raw milk is to run a sanitary farm and it looks like he is doing exactly that. I am happy to see that someone has the courage to stand up to misguided laws under the pretense that they care about us.

RB: By the time the milk hits the shelves, all you are drinking is mucous. Raw milk sours and that’s what you make cottage cheese and butter with. Pasterized, homogonized, added vitamins and everything else and what you get is milk that rots. That’s why the terrible stench. If I could find a farmer here with REAL milk, I would definately be buying that. I’ve never been sick or anyone in my family for generations from raw milk or real eggs from free range chickens. Worms & bugs make orange yolks. yum

Seal VII: Michael Schmidt, I wish I knew your address, everyone here ought send $20 or more to help you fight sickness of clinical destruction of all with their GM foods, etcetera! I am not anti law per se, but laws nonsensical and support sickness like Monsanto, must be changed! I know people cannot drink “pasterized milk” as it is through the homogenization process, it seeps through the stomach wall entering the lungs immediately causing lung butter should be spat in David Rockefeller’s face, etcetera!

jenl55: Being Allergic to additives in Milk, I say more power to Mr. Schmidt. People should have the choice of Raw or Pasturized milk. Since my local farm was forced to stop selling Raw milk, I haven’t consumed any milk product (Almost 10 years). I have to take calcium pills. I miss Milk, but I don’t like being violently ill.

cameronkraus: Many children died from drinking unpasteurized milk?I guess it’s possible.I grew up in a community where children drank nothing but unpasteurized milk.I never once heard of anyone getting sick let alone dying from drinking milk this way.”

There’s lots more where these came from. Read them all!

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