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Raw milk film: “Michael Schmidt: Bioterrorist or Organic Hero” premiered yesterday at Planet in Focus, Toronto

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt at work on the land.

Raw milk farmer Michael Schmidt at work on the land. Photo: Norman Lofts

About 200 people were on hand for the North American premiere of Norman Lofts’ film about raw milk and the story of farmer Michael Schmidt. We hope to have a full report on the festivities at the ROM in connection with the Planet in Focus screeening of this movie later today or tomorrow. Meanwhile, here’s a picture of Michael Schmidt discing behind a team of horses. The picture is by filmmaker Norman Lofts who made the film on raw milk. I first saw this picture on this page of Gina Mallet’s blog. Continue reading

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Americans “too insular and ignorant”; what about Canadians?

This is a slightly more polished presentation of the text of a couple of comments I made today on the Michael Schmidt story on CBCnews.ca. The comment count there now stands at 358.

CBCnews.ca seems to be the most active and intelligent Canadian forum discussing the Michael Schmidt case, this time around at least. To my knowledge, no other website has anywhere near 356 comments on this topic. And no other major media website that I’ve seen is still accepting comments on this story.

I find comments like Bernie Bailey’s (on this site) most helpful in shedding light on the machinations behind the scenes in the dairy industry.

As a fan of raw milk myself I periodically try to understand the mindset of those who oppose it. And I’m coming to think it’s something very deep, having to do with the Cartesian split between man and environment. People who are still living in that mode, either consciously or unconsciously, go for the scientific dogma about killing germs and such, whereas others of us, who have perhaps more or less moved on from that limited point of view, see ourselves and nature as something approximating one-ness. Thus the decreased paranoia about germs and the concern about the “side-effects” of trying to kill them — i.e. that you essentially “kill” the goodness in the milk while you’re at it. Continue reading

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