Albertans still like their milk raw

This excerpt is from a story titled “Raw milk warning irks some Albertans“. Apparently raw milk is illegal in Alberta too:

Science sez

Science says...

“… Health Canada says drinking raw — or unpasteurized — milk can leave a person open to infection from E. coli, salmonella, streptococcus or staph infections.

“Some people say they’ve always done it, they’ve never got sick, so they keep doing it, but eventually, a lot of them do get sick,” said Dr. Gerry Predy, Edmonton’s public health officer. Health Canada says it put out the news release just to remind Canadians of the health dangers of raw milk.

“You can get that from anything, and everything, practically,” said herbalist Mark Taylor, of the disease dangers from raw milk

Taylor, who runs the Toxin Elimination Clinic in Calgary, is also a former health advisor to the Green Party.

“My kids were all raised on unpasteurized milk. We had our own animals,”  he said.

Taylor says he’d like to see the law changed.

Nutritionist Raman Kapoor, who is with Alberta Milk, the body that regulates milk in Alberta, says Taylor isn’t alone.

“You know, I think in general there have been increases. I know in the States there’s been increases in raw milk consumption and sales,” she said.

“It’s unfortunate because we’ve made so many advances in terms of pasteurization and elimination of disease from food such as that, that people are turning back on that.”

While it’s illegal to sell raw milk in Canada, or even give it away, dairy farmer Paul Slomp of Rimbey, Alta., 114 kilometres southwest of Edmonton, says the phone still rings with people interested in getting the milk straight from the source….”

Here’s the full story on the website

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