“Home on the Range” raw dairy in BC debuts sparkling new website

Congratulations to our friends from Home on the Range raw dairy in Chilliwack BC, who are running what’s probably the largest cow-share operation in Canada with 200 families. They’ve just recently inaugurated a new website which looks suitably spiffy. Take a look for yourself.

Home page for new "Home on the Range" cowshare website from our friends in Chilliwack, BC. Bravo!

Home page for new "Home on the Range" raw milk cowshare in Chilliwack, BC. Bravo!

And here’s an interesting pdf document they’ve put together outlining the details of how their cow-share arrangement works.


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5 responses to ““Home on the Range” raw dairy in BC debuts sparkling new website

  1. Just a note of minor detail….it is about 250 families that are part of our herd share–and by popular demand…still growing. Free advertising has helped 🙂

  2. thebovine

    Alice, I sometimes wonder if all the regulatory attention raw milk attracts in North America is not contributing big time to the spread of interest. I’m guessing people think that if the government is trying to suppress it, it must be good. Either that, or it’s a way of them hearing about the idea and the health benefits, a way of it being brought to their attention, in between the celebrity news and whatever else clutters up the media when there are no raw milk stories. My impression is that these last two stories on your farm are not really reporting anything new, and yet the press are out there writing about you. It’s great publicity for raw milk, and it makes for entertaining reading for readers.

  3. Great points. We have had a number of sharemembers that have been dairy free for years…knowing that what is on the shelf is simply not drinkable. Many have been looking for years to have access to raw milk.

  4. great post! keep it up, i will be visiting more often 🙂

  5. stan

    lookin for the good stuff for my grand kids.

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