Milk sickens boy — factory food again

This is excerpted from a piece by Doug Schmidt in the Windsor Star titled “Masse seeks probe” from October 21, 2008. Once again, as in the lysteria outbreak, factory food was involved.

“With the local area suffering deaths and illness flowing from three major national food safety scares in recent months, MP Brian Masse is calling on the federal auditor general to investigate the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

“Breakfast, lunch and dinner have now become a risk for Canadians and their families,” said Masse (NDP — Windsor West). “It’s disturbing to think any day you can consume food products that put your family at risk.”

Masse met last week with a Windsor man who has launched a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against a national dairy company after he and his children fell seriously ill after consuming store-bought milk a month ago that was laced with metal and possibly other foreign substances.

Both the milk provider, Agropur Cooperative Inc., and the CFIA deemed the contamination “low-risk.

Both, however, have refused to divulge detailed information about what was in the milk. The CFIA based its conclusion on Agropur-supplied lab data, which triggered a product withdrawal from retail store shelves in the Windsor and Sudbury areas. However, the public was not notified.

“I’d argue this is a coverup,” Masse told The Star Monday. “What’s the point of a (public) regulatory system that has its oversight based upon companies policing themselves?”

Trena Gregory is also seeking answers. The LaSalle mom’s 12-year-old son consumed milk bought from the same store at the same time and has been ill ever since. He has missed school for long stretches and had to undergo painful exploratory treatment by medical specialists.

“The doctors don’t know what’s wrong with my little guy. I don’t know if it was the milk, but if I knew what was in it, I could tell the doctors,” said Gregory. “I have a sick child and I just want him better.”

A CFIA spokeswoman told The Star Friday that federal privacy regulations prevented the agency from revealing the lab results it received from Agropur. The company cited the lawsuit as the reason for not divulging the same information.

Andrew Moxley, who missed work for three weeks after consuming the milk containing what he described as a blackish substance, has applied for the data under the Access to Information and Privacy law, a process that can take at least 30 days.

“It’s anybody’s guess what it might be. It could be stainless steel, gasket material or some kind of lubricant,” said Bruce Hasspieler, a Toronto-based toxicologist and independent consultant. He said the stainless steel the company has publically stated was in the milk is “a very abrasive metal” and could cause gastrointestinal pain, but he said it doesn’t explain the migraine headaches Moxley said he’s been suffering since consuming the milk….”

Read the whole story here.

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