Speak up at the “Raw Milk Crusader: Michael Schmidt” discussion forum on the CBC Documentaries web page

That would be the forum set up for comments around Norman Lofts’ film — originally titled “Michael Schmidt: Organic Hero or Bioterrorist”, which will be shown tonight (Tuesday October 28th) at 10 pm on CBC Newsworld.

Here’s the link for the page they’ve set up around Norman Lofts’ documentary and in case you have trouble finding it, here’s the link directly to where you make your comments. And it looks like you don’t have to wait for the movie to air to start commenting. This is what I wrote for my opening comment, already yesterday; we’ll see whether it gets through moderation:

“I’ve been drinking raw milk on and off since 1975 and I fed it to my children while they were growing up. I’ve worked on dairy farms, both conventional and organic, and I noted that all the farmers on these farms also drank their milk raw. Never in all this time have I known of a single case of milk induced illness. I do however, know many people who’ve stopped drinking milk – now we’re talking store-bought pasteurized homogenized milk – because of a variety of acute or chronic reactions, which are generally labeled “milk allergy” or “lactose intolerance”. What’s more, I know of some individuals who got these labels and over time found that they could not only tolerate, but enjoy, raw milk. I guess that means they were not so much allergic to the milk as they were to the processing.

I’ve been involved with Michael Schmidt’s community of cowshare holders since the beginning and I’ve had nothing but admiration for the way in which Michael continues to work selflessly at gaining public acceptance for raw milk in Ontario. This is his second time through the court system. When I first heard about the raid on his farm in 2006, my immediate reaction was, “What are they thinking?”. As in, “Have they not learned their history lessons from 1994? — that by harassing Michael, they’re only going to be giving massive positive publicity to the cause of raw milk”.

Finally, the only way I could really make sense of it was to imagine that out there in the public there was this massive “need to know about raw milk and a need to have access to it.” And that “will” precipitated in the raid on Michael’s farm, with all the publicity that the story brought to the entire raw milk issue. And those people – those members of the public — are counting on the Dairy Farmers of Ontario and the regulators of the province to act as responsible public servants by sitting down with Michael and coming up with a plan so that raw milk access can be a reality for many more families in this great province of ours.”

Of course comments don’t have to be that long. You can make yours as short as you like.

And here’s another CBC raw milk story that’s accepting comments.


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2 responses to “Speak up at the “Raw Milk Crusader: Michael Schmidt” discussion forum on the CBC Documentaries web page

  1. This persecution of Michael Schmidt is an outrage. Is the milk he sells unsafe? Are the people who drink it ill? No. One critic opined that parents can choose for them selves, but parents have no right to make choices for their children. Who has that right? Her? Why does she think she has such a right? The Canadian food industry is in a crisis. Watch the news. Food industrial agriculture sells Canadians is UNSAFE. Cows that are fed grain are a central public health problem. Cows eat GRASS, not grain.

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