Do you know where your food is from?

Here’s a reader reply to the recent editorial in the Owen Sound Sun Times. From Letters to the Editor, Raw milk is the least of our worries”.

“This is a response to the Oct. 21 editorial that begins: “Michael Schmidt should stop flouting the law. The Ontario government does not have the capacity to ensure that the distribution of unpasteurized milk is safe.”

Right. Not hamburgers either, nor cold cuts, or any of the 80-some brands of melamine-laced pet foods that might have turned Misty’s kidneys to mush a while back.

I’m eyeing with suspicion a bag of chocolate-covered peanuts from Grady’s Good Earth Specialties (not a real name) of the container terminal town of Concord. With the dead babies and raccoon dogs in China (melamine again), I wonder where the milk solids listed on the label have been.

It matters not that the label on the cold cuts that killed grandma (she was frail anyway) had a chef or a pretty Dutch girl on it, they came from the same place. Mr. Schmidt’s customers/ shareholders know what they are getting and where it is from. Most of the rest of us do not have a clue.

Tobey Soper Chesley”

Owen Sound Sun Times: Michael Schmidt should stop flouting the law

See also: Owen Sound Sun Times tones down rhetoric


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2 responses to “Do you know where your food is from?

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