Comments on Tuesday’s raw milk movie broadcast from viewers at doesn’t seem to be as “on the ball” in handling comments as do their colleagues at . Either that, or they’re deliberately damping down the response by being slow in moderating and posting comments, perhaps in response to adverse reaction from “someone” up there. I was thinking again about how Norman Lofts’ movie won the big prize at Planet in Focus and wondered how much of that was for his excellent filmmaking and how much was because the judges liked the movie’s message. Was it like Michael Moore winning the big prize at Cannes for “Fahrenheit 911” — which commentators at the time thought was motivated more by the judges’ agreement with his political message rather than as testimony to the timeless excellence of his filmmaking? Anyway, CBC Newsworld’s broadcast on Tuesday night was the first showing of Norman Lofts’ movie about raw milk and farmer Michael Schmidt to a mass audience. What was their response? Read all the comments here on the site. Or start with the few samples below:

Chris B: My choice to consume raw milk was more to do with the health concerns related to the pasteurization and homogenization process. It is sad that those in authority that appeared on the show, are totally ignorant of the very real downside of processed milk. It all depends on the farm. If the cattle are living in dirty conditions and being fed unatural food, then yes, the raw milk is not fit for human consumption. If the cattle are living in fields and eating grass, that is a totally different matter. When I told a friend from Poland about the so called dangers of raw milk, she burst out laughing. that is all they ever had and no-one ever got sick from it. A very informative website is

Anna Martin: I think the raw milk debate is fascinating because it reveals our need to examine the existing systems and structures of mass food production. For instance, pasteurization has become a quick fix for dairy farms who do not provide healthy environments for their animals nor do they provide adequate food sources (mostly grain and silage) to their animals. Health officials are very right when they say that drinking non-pasteurized milk from large dairy farms is dangerous. I agree, anything coming from these cows should be placed into question. But should we support a system that produces dangerous milk until the point at which it gets pasteurized? Is this not a band-aid solution to the real problem?

Raw milk farmers allow people to enjoy an alternative, where they not only enjoy the health benefits of raw milk but also the privilege to support farmers who have decided to farm with more sustainable and ethical farming practices. Let’s give choice to families who wish to support farms that align with their values. Why wouldn’t government officials wish to support and embrace families who are taking a proactive approach to their nutrition, health, and community?

Mike Macdonald: I’m a dairy farmer and drink raw milk, however at my wife’s insistance she and kids don’t. I don’t really have a problem with this because I don’t believe in any health benefits of raw over pasteurized. I simply don’t like selling something for 1$ and then buying it back for 2$.The milk I use is always fresh never more than 36 hours in the fridge. That being said,I would never advise anyone to drink raw milk. When we have a good safe system in place,why mess around with it.

Alina S: It was good that the movie had both parts talking about raw milk. What I didn’t like is that they use the scare technique. They showed those people affected by e.coli or listeria from some cheese, but it was mentioned that it was not from raw milk. Than again about a child, but it wasn’t raw milk. The lady describing the pasteurization process said that it is pure milk, they just pasteurize it. Yeah, maybe she is right about this process. Then how come my organic milk has vitamin D3 in it? How can it be pure milk in this case? What about homogenization? Lucky me I found non-homogenized milk at least.

And as many people said, this is not just about raw milk, it is about freedom to choose what we eat. If the lady from the Health is so concern about our health, please take out from the store all that junk food. Do you think that’s healthy? She said that the Canadians are one of the most healthiest people. I laughed. They just announced yesterday at the radio that the number of people with heart diseases is growing. And this is because they take care of us, I think.

FlungPup: Forget about the government making any policy changes that will affect the profits of the big agrobusiness, from whom they take their orders. The government will never give you more choice and it uses fear to keep you all in line.

Pasturization has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with protecting the bacteria breeding factory farming practices and its profits at you and your childrens’ expense.

Croft Woodruff, PhD MH: When I was 12 years old and my brother was just two years old our folks moved to a semi rural area of South East British Columbia.

Over a period of four years we got raw milk from an immediate neighbor who had a Jersey cow. The milk was NOT pasteurized and no one in our immediate family or our visiting relatives ever got sick.

If all the dairies practiced good hygiene that would be something. With pasteurization we end up with the lowest common denominator in milk quality. The milk can only be as good as that supplied by the least clean dairy.

I’m amazed at the obtuse attitude of the public health when confronted with fact – yet they refuse to supply documentation to support their claim they have current evidence of harm
Show us the bodies.

After 60 years neither my brother nor I can tolerate pasteurized milk.

Trent Farrell: i grew up on a farm in a large farming community.the hazelmere and clover valleys in south surrey,BC. everywhere there were dairy opperations and small family run farms. we raised processed almost very thing that was put on the table.

all the farmers drank raw milk and so did their children. i was never aware of any illness or negative repercussions due to contaminated food, milk or meat. i am now an organic grower on the sunshine coast,BC. now we are told that we cannot sell out of the gate any meat or even eggs,they say the meat must be processed by a regulated slaughter facility.

we cann ot sell our eggs or our produce? this latest turn by the regulatory mill is preposterous. it smacks as power mongering and is nothing if not heavy handed governing by mean spirited politicians. to make illegal something that this country was founded on.what of the e-coli in the government regulated meat business.the salmonella in bagged spinach.the maple leaf poisoning fiasco.

how does the government fare?theys eem to be untouchable.think of the expansion of executive power.driven by dark neocon elitists.think of their disdain for intellectuals and pro choice advoctes. think of them criminalizing the working class,the hardest working people on earth…..the farmer. think corporate earnings versus the working class farmer. think corruption and cronyism. are we actually in need of milk police? wake up people our democracy is in danger. dont sit back and let these dictators have their way.stand for something………..or fall for everything…”

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