Food security at Glencolton Farms

grafitti art by Bansky

grafitti art by Bansky

For our cow share members’ safety, Glencolton Farms has designed a comprehensive surveillance system to ensure the safety of your milk. This includes video surveillance, motion detectors and more.

This has become a more and more pressing issue since it is obvious that the best argument for the opponents of Raw Milk would be for someone to become sick from it. Tampering with food has been a successful tool used on many occasions in the past in order to sway public opinion. I have just read a report about an incident in the U.S. where this method of willful contamination was used.

While it is rather difficult for me to move into the realm of mistrusting the so-called other side, our experience 14 years ago has taught us that , at some point, anything will do to prevent the success of our current struggle to properly regulate and legalize Raw Milk. Since we are battling a powerful industry with lots of money at their disposal, anything can happen.

More and more people are beginning to understand how much is at stake with this case. The growing public discussion seems to be educating and encouraging people to think beyond Raw Milk.

The industrial food system with all its conveniences raises more and more questions about safety and vulnerability. Our dependence on this system can be fatal if we do not protect our own sustainable food source, which itself depends on farmers who are healthy, confident and supported by those who need the food.

Our Cow Share adventure in itself is a great example of a nourishing cooperation between the farmer and 150 families around the farm and in the city. It is nourishing to both the families and the farmer. The families receive food and the farmer receives real GRATITUDE which is nourishing beyond measure.

Many thanks for all of the rallying and your courage to support wherever you are. With optimism and hope for the future,

Michael Schmidt

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