Got sick? Get raw milk?

Is this Organic Pastures ad real?

Is this Organic Pastures ad real? Or just some internet "mashup"?

We found this graphic, which appears to be an ad for Organic Pastures, a California-based raw dairy that ships nationwide, and possibly worldwide.

We found it on the blog of a woman who calls herself the “Holy Hemptress”. And as you might expect, she’s into a lot of other far-out stuff — stuff that makes raw milk look tame — as you can see by looking at the topics down the right side of the page this link will take you to.

I wonder if this ad was approved by the American Medical Association? Don’t they have the official monopoly on anything to do with medical conditions in the United States? But I suspect that theirs might be a different kind of monopoly game — one where you have to “pay” $200 before you can pass go.

I mean, what’s the world coming to when you can get rid of  medical problems just by drinking unpasteurized milk?

And what will our doctors do now? Milk cows?

Editor’s note: The above raw humour may be an oversimplified generalization. Consume at your own risk.

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  1. Hey–Thanks for the Free Advertisement for my blog!

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