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THIS MAGAZINE interviews Norman Lofts, auteur of the award-winning raw milk movie on Michael Schmidt

Norman Lofts’ 47 minute movie on Michael Schmidt and the raw milk story will be shown again on CBC Newsworld in January, according to Sarah Gopaul’s story dated Oct. 30 on  This Magazine blog. Here’s an excerpt from an interview she did with filmmaker Norman Lofts:

“…. One question that had to be asked was did Lofts have a personal interest in Schmidt’s story prior to shooting; i.e. is he a raw milk consumer? “No, I’m not a raw milk consumer. I’m not even a milk consumer. I think I’m the best person to make the film because I don’t drink milk.” Lofts was actually made aware of the issue the way most other Canadians were – he saw the newspaper article detailing the raid on Schmidt’s farm by 25-armed police officers. His shock convinced him to follow the story’s developments. “I thought I’m just going to start to follow this story with my camera and see how it unfolds, see if there’s a real story here. I started to do that… and I could see that [Michael] was a really interesting, charismatic character and that’s what you need to make a story work. So I finally approached him and had that first interview about three weeks after the raid.” Continue reading

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