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The Raw Deal — Washington Post

This October 2006 story on raw milk comes highly recommended by the Raw Milk Underground blog. Read the whole thing here. I think it’s one of the best raw milk articles I’ve seen. In fact it’s almost as good as this simlarly titled story from the Baltimore City Paper which, curiously, is also from Maryland. Will Maryland licence plates soon bear the slogan “home of great raw milk writing”? Anyway, here are a few excerpts:

“…”So,” I begin carefully, “Maryland’s position on raw milk is . . .?”

“Raw milk is illegal for sale,” Elkin says. “Period.”

“Huh,” I reply.

To help drive this point home, he compares selling raw milk to selling pot.

“Interesting,” I say. At that moment, I am standing in my kitchen with the fridge door open, staring at my gallon of possible contraband.

“Our position is that it’s bad,” Elkin says. “But we’re not trying to be the Gestapo about this. I don’t have the resources to go after individuals.” This all made me a little nervous. Continue reading


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Artisanal raw-milk cheeses in Quebec

This is from a Globe and Mail story from October 1, 2008 by Sue Riedl about a wonderful artisanal Quebec cheese, Alfred le Fermier, the likes of which we don’t make here in Ontario. So what’s the matter? — are we all a bunch of philistines? Or is it the war on “terroir” claiming another victim? Read on:

“… Alfred is a washed-rind, raw milk cheese that delivers phenomenal flavour. Once you slice into it, a supple, dense paste with small pinholes is revealed. A fragrant, sweet, floral aroma beckons. The flavour base is buttery with sweet, nutty notes and a woodsy taste closer to the edible rind. The rich taste develops over eight months as the wheels are ripened on spruce planks sourced from the family land.
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