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60 days — 180 posts — 10,448 hits

Index Librorum Prohibitorum

Index Librorum Prohibitorum

The Bovine crossed the 10,000-hit threshold sometime early Tuesday morning (Nov. 4, 2008). And today, Nov. 6th, is the Bovine’s 60th day of operation.  And this is the 180th post. I don’t know many blogs that average three posts a day. What can I say? We’re crazy about raw milk; sooner or later though, we’re going to have to catch up on “real life” and slow down to a saner pace.

To celebrate these milestones of blogging, we’re starting a new page called “Index”. But unlike that famous historical Catholic “index” of prohibited books (pictured at left), ours will be an index of recommended reading — a way for raw milk scholars to more easily find something great to read, or to find what they might be looking for among the 180 posts that already comprise “The Bovine”.

Learn more about the original Catholic Index (1559-1966) here.

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MooJesus.com vows healthy organic foods should not be “just for the elite”

Brought to you from the “Everything Jesus Ranch” in Texas here’s a fun little video on what looks like a really clean raw milking operation which even invites customer participation. The video is narrated by Oscar and Jacqueline, two of the students at the Genesis Christian Academy associated with the ranch:

And here’s an excerpt from a story by Tucker Stephenson in the Seguin Gazette-Enterprise, about the MooJesus ranch titled “Education, Nutrition and Religion Meet”:

“SEGUIN — In the Bible, one of Jesus’ most famous miracles occurred when he turned water into wine.

It’s no surprise that this and other examples of his work have been emulated by the founders of the Everything Jesus Ranch, who are using old-fashioned hard work to turn the fruits of their labor into education and opportunity.

“We’re a Christian church, but we’re a Christian church that’s not the typical sort of, ‘this is the church, this is the steeple,’” Genesis Christian Church Director and Pastor Gina Tillman-Young said. “What we try to do is, through ministry, address all of the aspects that are involved in whole and healthy and happy lives, first for children and then for the families of children.”

You see, the ranch is home to the Genesis Christian Academy, a free-tuition school with a current enrollment of 18 students. But that’s not the only structure built on the 100-acre property, nor is it the most surprising.

Within the borders of the Everything Jesus Ranch also stands a licensed hand-milking dairy, which produces raw milk that is sold to fund the small school’s educational programs.
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Sally Fallon talks raw milk nutrition

Sally's book

Sally's cookbook

Sally Fallon is a well-known raw-milk author and educator. In the interview excerpted here, she talks to Kevin Gianni, of the Renegade Roundtable. We’re excerpting this from NaturalNews.com

“(NaturalNews) This interview is an excerpt from Kevin Gianni’s Renegade Roundtable, which can be found at http://www.RenegadeRoundtable.com. In this excerpt, Sally Fallon shares on her crusade to fight nutrition misinformation and junk science.

Renegade Roundtable with Sally Fallon, nutrition researcher, chef, journalist and author of Nourishing Traditions-The Cookbook That Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and Diet Dictocrats.

Kevin: So Sally, I want to welcome you to the program.

Sally: Thank you. Thank you for having me.

Kevin: Why don’t we start very quickly by just explaining a little bit about how you got into this and then we’ll get into some of the really cool stuff I want to talk about today. Continue reading

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Pasteurization and irradiation

Here’s an excerpt from a recent post on the spark-a-synapse blog, dealing with questions around pasteurization and irradiation of foods, notably almonds and milk. Here’s part of what they say about milk:

“…. When it comes to milk not only are immunoglobulins important for immunity in infant cows and humans, but several enzymes are important for food digestion (lactase) and mineral absorption (phosphatase). Those are only the two enzymes I know about. I would bet there are more. I have to look no farther than my previous lactose intolerant partner who couldn’t even drink 1/4 cup of pasteurized milk and can now down 16 oz. of raw milk with no problem due to the lactase present in the milk. So when someone tells me there’s no such thing as “raw” or “whole” foods, I can either believe their pseudoscientific assertion or I can believe in my own experiences and the scientific literature.
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