“Don’t believe these raw milk nuts!” — CBC adds Health Canada warning to Michael Schmidt movie writeup

Get a load of this — our national public broadcaster has added a warning from Health Canada at the end of their writeup on the showing of the Michael Schmidt Raw Milk Crusader film on CBC Newsworld. What gives? Did the mandarins at Health Canada read the 44 overwhelmingly supportive comments in the discussion section and decide something had to be done because somehow the public clearly was not getting the “right” message? The last time I looked, several days ago, this warning wasn’t there. So it’s clearly some sort of “band-aid” solution. See for yourself on the CBC website. It’s at the bottom of the story.

This is how the story begins on CBC.ca

This is how the story begins on CBC.ca

And this is how it end, with a warning from Health Canada.

And this is how it now ends, with a stern warning from Health Canada.

So take note people. You’ve been “warned”.

Reminds me of how the organizers of last year’s Green Living show were pressured to put up a big notice above the Glencolton Farms booth saying that the show did not endorse or approve of raw milk, or something to that effect. Noboby else had a label like that over their booth. I think it really helped draw the crowds. Everyone wanted to see what the fuss was all about. It’s like that old saying “You can’t know if something’s true until it’s been officially denied”.

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