It’s legal to drink raw milk, but it’s not legal to sell it? — Kafkaesque legal dramas in BC and Ontario

Kimberley Hartke publishes yet another version of her recent commentary on raw milk issues, this time in “The Province” newspaper, from Vancouver, titled “Our law should allow sale of raw milk from cows fed on green grass”. Here’s a sampling:

“Alice Jongerden, a Chilliwack dairy farmer, provides her shareholders milk as dividends. And, now she finds herself in a heap of trouble with the government.

Around 250 families are dependent on her for a staple in their daily diet. They believe in raw milk and have invested in a farm to get it.

Michael Schmidt, a farmer in Ontario is being prosecuted for a similar cow-boarding program. In his case, he faces 20 criminal counts….”

“….Canadians have the right to consume raw milk, yet its sale is prohibited by law. Is it not logical for citizens to find a legal way to exercise rights? And, should it not be the role of government to secure those rights?

Schmidt of Glencolton Farms is not the only farmer who sells his cows to shareholders. Numerous farms in Ontario and B.C. offer cow shares. In the U.S., 28 states allow raw milk sales, in some form. In the remaining states, where sales are banned, there are hundreds of cow-boarding programs.

According to Pete Kennedy, president of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, “These farmers are not trying to skirt the law; this trend is driven by consumers trying to exercise their rights to consume raw milk, which is legal. Farm families have ready access to raw milk, but those who don’t have land for a cow or farming experience need to seek other means. Cow-boarding or leasing programs fill that need.”….”

Read the complete story here.

Here’s a little commentary on the BC case which the author writes on her own blog

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