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Saturn – Uranus – Pluto “T” 2008-2011

Richard Tarnas' book

Richard Tarnas' book

After hearing cultural historian Richard Tarnas speak back in April about the work he published in “Cosmos and Psyche”, I felt moved to order a copy of his book. I have been reading it over the summer and fall and am hugely impressed by his analysis of cultural history in connection with astrological planetary aspects or, as he calls them, “world transits”.

Tarnas is a serious scholar of this stuff and he teaches PhD programs in Consciousness Studies at the California Institute of Integrated Studies. Thirty years ago he tackled the project of taking a serious look at astrology, a subject which, according to him, is commonly denigrated as being “the gold standard for superstition”.

Through his painstaking research, correlating cultural history to astrological events, he’s built a strong case for looking seriously at astrology as a way of understanding the interplay of archetypal influences in human life. And while what he has to say about the recent past is fascinating, for our purposes here, I’d like to look at what he has to say about the immediate future. Although he couches it all in general terms, I think his description pretty accurately characterizes the forces that are arrayed around the raw milk debate currently in progress. Continue reading

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Anna … and her woman

A woman needs a cow like...

A woman needs a cow like...

Once upon a time, there was a cow. Her name was Anna. Anna was a beautiful, dark brown cow, with soft brown deer-eyes. Her lashes were lashes of nobility. Her salivations were rich and slobbery. There was a peaceful, yet lugubrious nature about her. Sadly, Anna felt something, or someone was missing from her life.

Then … one misty, snowy morning in early April, the barn door cracked open and a figure was standing in the light. The figure was a woman. They saw each other … Eyes connected, blue to brown.

Anna gracefully walked by, on her way to the milking parlour.

The woman smiled. Pitchfork in hand, the woman prepared Anna’s

Anna's life is fulfilled by the devoted attentions of a loving cow share holder.

Hug your cow!

bedding during her absence. The soft tinkling of the cow-bell heralded Anna’s return. The woman gave Anna some hay. They gazed at each other, and then the woman hugged her cow. The woman was thankful, and so was Anna.

Thereafter, the woman decided … in addition to hugging trees … hugging cows was a wonderful thing.

Have you hugged your cow today?

– by “Cow Hugger and Proud” Inc.

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Mother of five considers raw milk a “miracle food for pregnancy” — as in “not throwing up”

Here’s a moving testimonial from a young mother of five who’s finding raw milk is making a tremendous difference in her pregnancy. She calls her blog “Cherishing my days”. Here’s a bit of what she says in a post titled “My blessings for the day”:

Mother of 5

a mother of 5

“….Raw milk. I know I’ve done a post about it before, but it really is miracle food for me. I know not everyone responds the same to anything, but I think raw milk is what turned the corner for me this pregnancy. Even when I was pregnant with my boys I was sick for at least another month over what I am now. Now, I am not 100%, and will still get really sick if I do not eat what seems like every hour, but considering I have not thrown up in almost a week or had intestinal, um, distress for almost that long tells me that I needed the nutrients in the raw milk (pasteurization changes too much about milk for it to even be the same food). The change was so sudden and so early that I worried my baby was not doing well, but that’s not the case. I got the milk Monday and noticed a difference that evening. Even though I am pro-raw milk, I am still surprised at the difference it has made in my health!…” Continue reading


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