Anna … and her woman

A woman needs a cow like...

A woman needs a cow like...

Once upon a time, there was a cow. Her name was Anna. Anna was a beautiful, dark brown cow, with soft brown deer-eyes. Her lashes were lashes of nobility. Her salivations were rich and slobbery. There was a peaceful, yet lugubrious nature about her. Sadly, Anna felt something, or someone was missing from her life.

Then … one misty, snowy morning in early April, the barn door cracked open and a figure was standing in the light. The figure was a woman. They saw each other … Eyes connected, blue to brown.

Anna gracefully walked by, on her way to the milking parlour.

The woman smiled. Pitchfork in hand, the woman prepared Anna’s

Anna's life is fulfilled by the devoted attentions of a loving cow share holder.

Hug your cow!

bedding during her absence. The soft tinkling of the cow-bell heralded Anna’s return. The woman gave Anna some hay. They gazed at each other, and then the woman hugged her cow. The woman was thankful, and so was Anna.

Thereafter, the woman decided … in addition to hugging trees … hugging cows was a wonderful thing.

Have you hugged your cow today?

– by “Cow Hugger and Proud” Inc.


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