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Pregnant Boston nurse drinks raw milk

According to standard medical dogma, raw milk is particularly counter-indicated (i.e. “bad”) for pregnant women, babies and old people. And yet, here in Boston, epicentre of the civilized world, we have a nurse practitioner who, while she spouts the party line to her patients, privately partakes of the forbidden fruit of the cow’s udder during her own pregnancy. What a story! Author David E. Gumpert scores another home run with this one. Here’s an excerpt from the Boston Globe, March 2008:

“Patients are either ignoring their doctors or lying to them. Mothers are sneaking the stuff into their children’s cups. Regulators are trying to control explosive growth. What has people so heated up over milk?”

One of the eight Oake Knoll Ayrshires. Boston Globe photo by Yoon S. Byun.

One of the eight Oake Knoll Ayrshires. Boston Globe photo by Yoon S. Byun.

“VALERIE WALBEK IS A 28-YEAR-OLD NURSE practitioner at a Falmouth clinic who gives all her pregnant patients the same advice: Eat four daily servings of dairy products and by all means avoid any dairy that is unpasteurized. That’s because the US Food and Drug Administration, the Centers for Disease Control, and the American Medical Association have warned for years that unpasteurized – or “raw” – milk and cheeses can carry listeria, a potentially deadly kind of bacteria, and other pathogens that are particularly threatening to pregnant women and their babies.
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“Ice Cube” and raw milk in Indiana

The real McCoy

Local raw milk in Indiana!

Here are a lovely bunch of raw milk excerpts from the “Locally Grown Gardens” blog, which is from Indianapolis, Indiana, a place we haven’t heard much about in the raw milk news. And the proprietor of the market, which the blog is for, seems also to be a chef, a chef who takes advice from “Ice Cube”, who, I gather is some sort of “rapper”.

So what did the chef learn from Mr. Cube?:

“In fact, it was Ice Cube that elucidated [chef Ron] Harris’ expansion plan for his neighborhood produce market, Locally Grown Gardens, on 54th Street.

“Ice Cube was being interviewed, and they were asking, ‘What advice would you give to young artists coming up?’” Harris says. “He said, ‘Well, in music, I would say you have to keep it focused. Make it hot on your block first. Then you can be hot in your state, then maybe on the Internet, then hot nationally and then hot globally. But you gotta be hot on your block first.’

“I consider our market pretty hot on the block. I believe that–you have to be good where you’re at first. Being good is being humble and sincere at what you’re doing, and trying to be the best you can.”…”

Now for some raw milk goodness. Seems chef Ron is about to help make it possible for people to get raw milk via cow shares. And here’s some of what “admin” (author of the piece) has to say about it in Sunday’s post titled “You haven’t had real milk until you’ve gone raw”: Continue reading

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