Apocalypse Chow — Chinese milk solids still out there lurking in many products

Chinese milk solids are a hidden ingredient in everything from edible sex toys to white rabbit candy

Chinese milk solids are a hidden ingredient in everything from edible sex toys to white rabbit candy. Photos via Haphazard Gourmet Girls blog.

Further to our last post on this topic, it seems the Haphazard Gourmet girls are out walking the streets of L.A., doing their bit to track down and bring to justice renegade food products of Chinese origin that are lying in wait for unsuspecting Americans. And they’ve found some doozies:

Update, Oct. 1: If you have logged on following the interview with Fox 11 News reporter Christina Gonzalez, here are a few FAQ’s: This foodie sleuthing post is part of a regular series on this blog, Apocalypse Chow (see sidebar), in which we monitor food recalls and contaminations. It was posted on Tuesday, Sept. 30, after a visit to LA’s Chinatown, where we found products that had been recalled and banned in the US and other countries available in local stores. There is an update at the end of this post on current Chinese milk information, but this information is changing almost hourly. If you want to report recalled products found in LA, please call the Environmental Health Hotline at 888-700-9995. Here’s the original post:

Melamine-Contaminated Milk Products In LA

The Chinese contaminated milk scandal continues to grow…and grow and grow, so The Haphazard Gourmet Girls walked around Los Angeles’ Chinatown looking for contaminated products that have been banned or restricted in other countries. The US has lagged behind every country in the world in taking action during the current melamine contamination, despite huge imports of Chinese products…

Read their whole post.

And here’s the bit about sex toys (WARNING: not for young impressionable minds).

And in case you didn’t “get” the cultural reference in the title of this piece, it’s to Francis Ford Coppola’s movie, “Apocalypse Now” (title idea borrowed from the Haphazard Gourmet Girls). Anyway, here’s the trailer for that movie on YouTube.

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