“My little China girl” — still in hospital with melamine poisoning, one of 1,272

Breakfast in Shanghai? 1,272 infants still in Chinese hospital for melamine poisoning. Do you know where your milk comes from? Wall Street Journal photo

Breakfast in Shanghai -- Chinese milk and American cereal? 1,272 infants are still in Chinese hospital for melamine poisoning. Do you know where your milk comes from? Wall Street Journal photo

Fun as it was, the story (below) about Apocalyse Chow is admittedly more than a month old. Here’s a more recent update (Thursday Nov. 13) on the China melamine milk scene. This is from NewsInferno.com and is titled “Nearly 1300 infants still hospitalized from melamine tainted milk”. This report summarizes some of what we’ve heard before from other sources. I see from the “search terms” listings that people are still looking for information on Chinese melamine milk contamination.  So here’s the latest, or at least an excerpt from the latest:

“According to the Associated Press and MSNBC.com, China’s state news agency—Xinhua—is reporting  that 1,272 babies remain hospitalized there with illnesses linked to melamine-tainted baby formula.  Two of the nearly 1,300 babies are in serious condition, the AP noted, adding that the widespread scandal also caused the deaths of four infants and the illness of over 50,000.

Meanwhile, we recently wrote about a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article  that revealed how farmers in China confirmed that milk spiking was an open secret in the Chinese dairy industry well before the massive and ongoing melamine scandal.  According to that piece, farmers there admitted that so-called “protein powder” of “often-unknown origin” has been used for years as a cheap way to ensure milk from undernourished cows dupes “quality checks.”  When the larger companies caught on, some additive makers switched additives and began using toxic melamine to raise protein levels in substandard milk.  Melamine mimics protein in lab tests and can cause severe kidney damage.  Now, dairy products and products made with dairy products from China are turning up with melamine contamination internationally, causing global health scares.

The WSJ noted that the scandal recently extended to melamine-tainted feed, which is believed to be the source.  It seems that tainting feed is a very common practice that is often hard to detect. The Agriculture Ministry in China confirmed to the WSJ that it discovered melamine in 2.4% of feed investigated and that it destroyed or confiscated over 3,600 tons of contaminated feed.  The WSJ stated that the ministry called on local officials to “resolutely crush the dark dens” making and selling melamine for feed, saying it found 238 and was investigating 278 more.  Melamine amounts found in eggs have been above the safety standard China and several other countries established of 2.5 parts per million, said the WSJ.

Melamine manufacturers also reported a rise in demand for their factory’s scrap, WSJ reports, pointing out that residents in Zhangzhuang, for example, a small farming village, say melamine bought as scrap from a local factory was typically “stored on the” street outside the town’s school before being “turned into a milk additive.” The WSJ also wrote that one village elder reported that the melamine was “kept in big piles.”  The WSJ also noted that the residents it interviewed stated that the melamine business became so intense that those residents “involved needed to work long hours and through holidays to meet demand.”…”

Read the whole story here.

Here’s our earlier report based on the Wall Street Journal article referred to here.

Here is a video of the song we refer to in the title of this piece. Not much connection to milk and melamine though. Can you say “Friday Fluff”?

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