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Talking with a California milk regulator

David E. Gumpert, with Mark, Christine, and Michael at the 2008 Weston A Price conference in San Francisco

David E. Gumpert, with Mark McAfee, Christine Chessen, and Michael Schmidt at the recent 2008 Weston A Price Foundation Wise Traditions in San Francisco. Mark McAfee runs Organic Patures raw dairy in California. Christine sends out the CREMA newsletter.The discussion David refers to below happened following this conference. Mark McAfee is one of the people whose comments on David's story we also quote here. Photo from Michael Schmidt, a raw milk farmer from Durham Ontario Canada.

These are some excerpts from a recent discussion on David E. Gumpert’s The Complete Patient blog.

On David’s blog, the piece this first part is from is called:  A Food Regulator’s View of California’s Raw Milk Mess, Part 1: Coliform Standard Could Be Revised Upward Next Year, OPDC’s Regulatory Challenge

“… I went into the interview expecting a hard-headed ideological attitude, and instead found someone who was more flexible and sensitive than I expected, even if her conclusions were at odds with my own and those of many others who read this blog. She agreed to speak with me on the condition I not reveal her identity on this blog (even whether it really was a “she”). Continue reading

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