An untold story — the other “Milk Man” sells raw milk and goes on to win his case when charged in Ontario court

Is that George Michael or Michael George? Two "men in black" -- together at last.

Is that George Michael or Michael George?

When I was a toddler growing up in Sudbury, a milk man came to our house every day with a horse-drawn cart to bring milk for my family and for all the other families on the street. But now, fifty years later, you might well imagine that the milk man has gone the way of the dodo.

But you’d be wrong. The vocation of “milk man” has been making a comeback in recent years with the resurgence of interest among people wanting to drink raw milk straight from the cow. By now, just about everybody has heard of Durham farmer Michael Schmidt who’s been all over the news several times in the past couple of years for his civil disobedience of what he sees as Ontario’s antiquated and overly-restrictive milk prohibitions.

But not many people know that there was another “milk man”, quietly supplying farm fresh raw milk to southern Ontario families in 2004 and 2005*. No, this was not some farmer selling a few litres out of his bulk tank to neighbours up the road. I’m sure that kind of thing goes on all over rural Ontario and no one thinks anything of it.

Milk Man with a mission

No, this was a man with a mission, who was consciously affirming his freedom to do this and to create for himself what Buddhists would call a “right livelihood” by supplying people with an essential and missing food they needed for their health and nutrition. So he was “doing good” and at the same time asserting his rights and freedoms – a win-win situation for everybody concerned.

The milk man – we’ll call him “George” — started small with only two cows, which he owned personally and milked by hand. But as business expanded he developed a relationship with a farmer who was willing to keep him supplied. The business grew by word of mouth and demand spread like wildfire. At the peak of his operation, he was supplying 5-600 litres of raw milk per week to people in Barrie, Toronto, Kitchener and other centres across southern Ontario. And while that’s only maybe half of what Michael Schmidt is doing, it’s still substantial.

So wasn’t everybody happy? How did this wind up in court? Well, certain customers came down with illness, and while the customers didn’t complain to George, the Health unit did. When the customers sought medical help for their illness, and the doctors’ standard line of questioning revealed that raw milk had been a part of their diet, the doctors immediately jumped to the conclusion that raw milk had been the cause of the illness.

Which led to George being charged, spending time in jail and defending himself in Barrie court in the fall of 2007. About which George said “the Crown and I are in agreement that the Court manufactured a reason to dismiss charges rather than deal with the core arguments” (which George brought in the case). George even went so far as to attempt to appeal the case, to press the Court to address these arguments. However the appeal court cited, as their reason for refusing to hear the appeal, the fact that they did not have authority to grant the requested appeal. “How can you appeal your win”, they asked. At the trial, laboratory test results were produced which showed that while a strain of e-coli was present in the milk sampled, they had to look very hard to find it and could not determine it to be toxic.

The Crown’s “conspiracy theory” comes true in the Michael Schmidt raw milk case as George and Michael’s parallel universes connect at last.

It became evident to Michael Schmidt early in his own case, from Crown evidence that was disclosed to him, that the Crown was under the impression that he and the “George” referred to in the story above were working together as part of a raw milk conspiracy. However, at the time, Michael and George were not working together, and while they knew of each other, there was no further connection. But now, ironically enough, they finally are working together to further the cause of raw milk in Ontario. As part of this coordinated effort, George has been assisting Michael Schmidt by providing private legal counsel, another win-win situation.

* Note that 2004-2005 was, significantly, a period of Saturn-Neptune opposition.


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11 responses to “An untold story — the other “Milk Man” sells raw milk and goes on to win his case when charged in Ontario court

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  2. WAYNE

    i grew up on it l also got measles and mumps and was quaratined for a week or so I think my geurnsey milk made me healthier than the milk pasteurised does

  3. John

    I hope the laws are changed and soon for the sake of the health of all Canadians. If healthy food is equated with something dead, we will all end up like ‘healthy’ food before our time.

    • deen

      Not only before our time but with a great deal of painful suffering along the way.
      Many pills operations and other medical procedures $$$$$$$$ for the big boys.

      It is called disease as a business.
      Take a look at attorney Jonathan Emords speech.
      You can link to it from this this very informative web site
      regards Deen

  4. Diane

    Hi – Where can we find George and buy some raw milk?

  5. thebovine

    Further to the people who came down with illness in this case, the people in question are interviewed at length in the new “Milk War” documentary shown last month on ichannel. And they seem pretty sure that the more likely cause of the illness was eating a fast food hamburger. Other members of the family who drank the raw milk did not get sick, but the one person in the family who ate the hamburger did come down with a gastrointestinal infection which caused considerable discomfort for many days, as well as lingering aftereffects detailed in the movie.

  6. Pamela Roberts

    I was given this link by Christine Kennedy, as I connected with her in my search to find some real milk. I am sick and tired of being told what I should and should not eat/drink etc, and I refuse to drink this lifeless, tasteless stuff that is being peddled as milk. When I was growing up my dad had a smallholding and kept a Jersey cow. I drank gallons of the stuff per week, straight from the udder, and it was wonderful. I am willing to put my health into my own hands. Please be assured that I have no agenda other than trying to buy something that I want, and it will be for my consumption only.
    Is there any way I might be able to obtain real milk?


  7. Rebecca Snow

    where can i buy, or buy shares of raw milk in southern ontario?

  8. Heike

    I drank raw milk as a child and have never had a problem. I think people should have a choice in this matter. As long as the cows are healthy and fed on grass that is not chemically sprayed, We should be able to buy raw milk.
    Sincerely Heike

  9. GP

    There is a big problem with raw or pasteurized milk from cows grown unnaturally and treated with chemicals and hormones and especially the Monsanto hormones.
    The raw milk from cows grown naturally and with traditional methods is one of the healthiest and most traditional foods in the last 5-6000 years… or more.. all over the world.
    Treating animals poorly in industrial type CAFO is the thing that makes the milk with problem ….. not the fact that it is unpasteurized.

  10. Arianne

    Competition is healthy even in the raw milk business. Would like to see more raw milkmen.

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