Michael Schmidt’s “second anniversary of raw milk raid” press conference Tues. Nov. 18, 1 pm, at Queens Park, Toronto

armed Ministry of Natural Resources men swarmed Glencolton Farms and seized equipment, computers and business records. Now, nearly two years later, the case has yet to come to trial.

It has been two years since this scene unfolded at Michael Schmidt's Glencolton Farms in Durham: armed officers of the state seized equipment, computers and business records and laid charges relating to operating a milk plant without a permit. What have we learned in those two years?

Last year at about this time cowshare holders and cow lovers held a large public rally with Michael Schmidt at Queens Park to mark the one-year anniversary of the raid on Michael Schmidt’s raw milk farm in Durham Ontario. Michael says that following that event, Premier McGuinty said publicly on the radio that anyone is welcome to come and celebrate an anniversary at Queens Park.

So Michael is taking the Premier at his word and returning again to Queen’s Park to celebrate the second anniversary of the raid on Glencolton Farms which took place Nov. 21, 2006. And surprise of surprises, the case — at which charges laid at that time will be addressed — has still not come to trial. That will be in late January of 2009, if it doesn’t get postponed again.

This second anniversary is planned as a more intimate affair. This time the great hordes of cow-share holders and cow-lovers are not being asked to come out and show their support. That support has by now been amply demonstrated. Instead this is intended as a more intimate working session where the Premier and the press can be briefed from the horse’s mouth, as it were, on the latest developments and insights in Ontario’s raw milk saga. Here’s what Michael says in his invitation to the press:

got raw milk?

“This is a battle that needed to be fought one way or the other. This is a battle of basic human rights.” — Michael Schmidt – Organic Farmer / Raw Milk Advocate

Michael Schmidt and Supporters back in Queens Park for Press Conference

As the second anniversary of the raid on Glencolton farms approaches (Nov.21.2006) Michael Schmidt is returning to Queens Park for a Press Conference on Tuesday November 18. at 1pm in the Legislatures’ official Press room.

He will inform the Press and Premier Dalton McGuinty about the latest developments and actions in relation to his battle to legalize the consumption of Raw Milk in Ontario. MPP Bill Murdoch, who tabled two years ago a private members bill to look into the issue of Raw Milk will be present as well as Pam Killen (investigative Journalist) Sean McGivern (Grey Bruce Landowners) and Bernie Bailey ( Sun Rise Dairy)

Despite his 14 years of legal struggles Michael Schmidt has continuously called for a constructive dialogue with the parties involved to resolve the issue and move forward with a revised law, which falls in line with the rest of the G8 countries. Canada is the only G8 country which criminalizes the sale and distribution of Raw Milk.

Michael Schmidt is still awaiting sentencing after he was found guilty of contempt of court in Newmarket. He called the trial an abuse of due process since there was no determination made by the courts yet if in fact the law conforms with the Charter of Rights.

He is facing 22 charges to be tried in Newmarket sometimes next year.

Despite the courts guilty verdict the cow share members continue to get their Raw Milk every week.

Note that until Monday night, this press conference was incorrectly listed on the events page as being on Wednesday the 19th. It’s actually now scheduled for Tuesday the 18th of November.


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