Mr. Schmidt goes to California, shows movie at WAPF Wise Traditions conf.

WAPF panelists Mark McAfee, Christine and Michael Schmidt

WAPF panelists discussed legalities of the Farm/Consumer link -- Mark McAfee, Christine Chessen and Michael Schmidt

Michael Schmidt has recently returned from California where he and filmmaker Norman Lofts showed Norman’s award-winning documentary on Michael Schmidt and raw milk at the Weston A. Price Foundation’s Wise Traditions conference. Here’s what Michael has to say about the experience and about what he learned at the conference in San Francisco:

I just returned from San Francisco where I attended and participated in the Wise Traditions Conference. Together with Mark McAfee, and Christine Chessen I was part of a panel discussing regarding the legal issues of the Farm to Consumer connection.

Norman Lofts prize-winning documentary film about our battle here in Canada was screened and received with great success and disbelief. It is hard to describe the outpouring of support after people watched the film. I did not realize how much closer people can get to the issue by watching this film.

The Americans are as determined as we are to fight for these basic rights. Food is clearly becoming the next civil rights issue. Too much Corporate and Government control has provided us with huge challenges if we demand the freedom to regain health and the freedom to maintain our health.

It is clear by now that the health sector has become a natural resource from an economic standpoint which is unlimited. It creates jobs, huge profits for drug companies and in return paybacks for those who dance to their tune.

The best example for this kind of corruption is the GMO topic.(genetic modified organisms) We are forced into an uncontrollable situation which already has taken a huge toll. Please watch the documentary The World according to Monsanto and also visit the following website to inform yourself. We are facing a disaster beyond imagination if we don’t act now.

However the ever increasing interest in healthy food and the growing awareness of loss of our freedom is making me hopeful. Our battle in Canada is closely watched and admired by our neighbours to the south.

I came home with a true sense of hope because I know we are in it together

With thanks Michael Schmidt


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