readers weigh in on Michael Schmidt’s comments on the milk board ran the Canadian Press report on Michael Schmidt’s Tuesday Nov. 18, 2008 news conference. And now they’re starting to get some reader feedback on the issues. It’s the same story as excerpted in the post below. Here’s some of what readers have to say:

What Bill Mitchell from the Milk Marketing Board said about the Health Department is dead wrong. The job of the Health Department is the safety assessment of food and drugs, NOT their development. There is a big difference between the two. The Health Department is not going to go around and invent new procedures for certified raw milk any more than they would go around and invent a new drug for say cancer. But if you give them a new cancer drug, or a new food processing procedure, they will tell you if the drug or the food is safe or not. That is their expertise. Bill Mitchell’s comment is an intentional diversion. They know the facts, or at least are paid big enough bucks out of our pockets that they should. The Milk Marketing Board has a statutory obligation to do the research on certified raw milk and submit it to the Health Department for a safety assessment. This is why Michael Schmidt will be taking the Milk Marketing Board to court.

Submitted By mclaren at 6:39 AM Wednesday, November 19 2008″

While I disagree that unpasteurized milk should be made available, I completely agree that it’s long overdue that the dairy board be dismantled. Not only has it NOT helped small farmers, it has driven our dairy prices to astronomical levels. Why does a litre of milk, produced within our own province, now cost up to three times the price of a litre of gasoline which had to be shipped from halfway around the world and refined??? So that a several massive farm operations can continue to get fat, draining our pockets. Think of how many families would be helped if milk and other dairy products were actually priced in line with the U.S. and other countries. The priorities of our politicians and the old farts running the dairy board are off the rails. Are they morally bankrupt?

Submitted By Soapbox at 12:49 AM Wednesday, November 19 2008″

All this talk about the health risks of drinking raw milk only takes into consideration one type of raw milk, i.e. conventional raw milk, which requires pasteurizing to ensure microbial safety. However, there is a second type of raw milk, i.e. certified raw milk, which is made to a much higher standard than conventional raw milk. Certified raw milk can be safely drunk raw without pasteurizing. It is presently available in every G8 country except Canada. The Ontario Milk Marketing Board has a statutory obligation to satisfy all consumer demand for dairy products. But they have consistently refused to even undertake a research project on certified raw milk. If they won’t do their job, then I say get rid of them. And where are the government regulators in all of this? They should be siding with consumers, not the Milk Marketing Board.

Submitted By mclaren at 11:34 PM Tuesday, November 18 2008″


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