FDA regulators setting the stage for a “Scopes Monkey Trial for raw milk” by “picking on the wrong guy”

David E. Gumpert’s “The Complete Patient” blog offers a lot more insight and background on the current California raw milk fracas than all those other news sites out there that have been carrying the story. Here’s some of what he has to say:

Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures with his wife, Blaine

Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures with his wife, Blaine. Photo via Complete Patient blog

“Last March, I described how agents from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration paid evening visits to the homes of two Organic Pastures Dairy Co. employees to question them about interstate sales of raw milk. The visits were follow-ups to mysterious subpoenas the women received to testify before a federal grand jury on the subject. Shortly after that, the subpoenas were cancelled, and it seemed as if, perhaps, the feds had decided to move onto more constructive pursuits, like keeping poisonous Chinese food products out of our food system.

No such luck. Pretty much whenever state and federal agents appear to have been embarrassed by their heavy-handed tactics in trying to intimidate raw milk producers, the government operatives don’t give up. They just re-group, bring on more agents and lawyers, and throw even more resources against the raw milk tide sweeping the country (all the while claiming they don’t have the resources to do anything about the tainted Chinese products and tainted factory farm products).

In California, the night-time police visits to citizens’ homes have partially morphed into a 16-page civil suit filed Thursday in federal court in California: “United States of America, Plaintiff, v. Organic Pastures Dairy Company LLC, corporation and Mark McAfee, individual.” (Mark is pictured above, with his wife, Blaine.) …”

“….Mark says he can’t wait for the suit go to trial. “With this, raw milk has officially gained the attention of the FDA, and now I can get John Sheehan (FDA’s chief dairy person) on a subpoena and make him answer questions and perhaps even get him under oath in a deposition. This will be great fun.” Besides, he says, it’s all a big boost for OPDC’s sales. The FDA is OPDC’s best marketing tool, and it’s free.

I think the government apparatchiks keep thinking they can harass Mark McAfee out of business, and then this whole raw milk movement will dissipate and stop becoming so popular and such a thorn in their factory food paradigm. Governments make this mistake all the time. South Africa did it with Nelson Mandella. The Soviet Union with Alexandr Solzhnetsyn. They don’t seem to understand the dynamics of martyrdom. They’re picking on the wrong guy—someone who will stand up to them.

Maybe it’s time we had a trial. Get this whole sad mess out into the open–kind of a modern-day equivalent of the Scopes Monkey Trial of 1925 in Tennessee over the teaching of evolution. As Mark puts it, “The resulting court exposure will bring the media like flies to fresh organic manure.” And drive raw milk demand up further still.”

Get the whole story from the Complete Patient blog.

Here’s what Mark McAfee has to say in his comment on the above story (also on the Complete Patient blog):

“For years I have tried and tried to get John Sheehan ( FDA dairy chief ) to back up his misstatements with the facts. Now we can force his testimony.

He will now have to state publically and underoath that “no person should ever drink raw milk for any reason at any time…that drinking raw milk is like plaing Russion Roulette with your health.”

All the while, 40,000 people per week drink legal retail raw milk in CA. His bias will be so evident….it will shame him.

The FDA has included statements in their complaint and request for injunction that can not be supported. There have been no raw milk deaths that I can find from raw milk that was “tested and labeled as intended for retail sale and human consumption….that is zero”. Sure there have been deaths from thermolized cheese called raw cheese and their have been many pasteurized milk deaths in the last five years. There may have been deaths from raw milk….but they can not be identified and they were certainly not from raw milk that was tested and labeled for retail sale. The FDA will finally have to acknowledge that CA has a thriving legal retail raw milk market and consumers immune sytems are stengthening as a direct result…

The FDA will have to admit to the tens of thousands of deaths caused by their approved drugs every year ( CDC data ). They will have to answer for childrens deaths and brain injury from cold treatments that now have black boxes on them. It will be our greatest and finest hour.

The FDA will be finnally forced to back off their trampling of the first amendment rights for sharing testimonials and the truth. The idea that “hyper links” must be restricted is an outrage against us all. CA DHS authorized OPDC several years ago to use hyperlinks to other sites to allow freedom of speech!!

I ask my president elect Obama to reign in these FDA drug pushing criminals and “change the next generation of FDA leaders”. It has been said that when a paradigm shift happens there is tremendous resistance…..well this is it guys. The idea that only drugs cure or heal disease is an indictment of the FDA and its corrupt relations with the drug companies. That is a rule set forth to protect drugs pushers from market encroachment.

Anyone that knows anything about health, knows that health is directly related to nutrition ( and good excerize and avoidance of toxins ) and not the consumption of massive amounts of FDA approved drugs. Drugs that kill and have horrible side effects. Ask Jack Lalane…. ask any nutritionist, ask the Queen of England ( who drinks raw milk) Ask the Russian Cosmonauts stationed in Texas….Russian space nutrition policy does not allow them to consume processed milk products…they drink raw milk as a requirment…. (this from a raw milk dairyman in texas that supplies the US stationed Russian Cosmonauts)

Sales have never been higher and growing every week, even in this horrible economy. Our consumers feed off of the “FDA picking on OPDC” and threatening their freedom to drink health giving raw milk. The people know the truth about the FDA.

I would not be surprized to see the FDA leadership disbanded and sent to prison on RICO charges. Bush better pardon them all pretty darn quick….just a few more weeks left to apply for pardons and Bush is being pretty tight with them.

By the way…this case was assigned to one of the best Federal judges in the nation… he has the intellegence, grit and guts to do the right thing.

I have never backed off from fighting for what is right and this fight could not be for anything more right. The freedom to eat foods that prevent disease and heal the body whole, the right to speak about it and lastly the change of a US institution that has gone terribly wrong and the people have paid with their lives.

I can feel the paradigm shifting already. The media will feed on this and we will get more media time for free than I could have ever wished for or imagined…..what a Christmas present.

For all of you that may have lost your jobs…I invite you to start from scratch and start micro raw milk dairies accross America in the real food economy. Find a city with a good population and establish just outside of it. It takes just 10-20 cows or 25-50 goats. The land and space can be rented and the cows bought by the shareholders….if you are creative you can create a job making great income ( $1200-1500 per cow per month gross ) and you have the love of your consumers that are starving for raw milk all with basically no cash out of pocket….just your leadership and hard work.

This real food economy is booming when the FDA fake toxic drug world is crashing. You can sense their desperation…”

What was the Scopes Monkey Trial? Here’s what Wikipedia says about it.

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